Film: 9887

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A magazine-style program apparently made for export audiences. Presented by an unknown black man and woman.

School for Coastguards - shots of two helmetted men, climbing a cliff in Brixton, maybe Brixham in Devon. Assorted scenes of students being taught in the classroom. Includes a number of students in a mock telephone room answering calls. Eight men in wet weather clothing board a small boat in Brixton? Harbour?, and move towards a larger ship moored in the water. They pull up to the boat and climb aboard. Once on deck, one of the coastguards releases a flare from the boat.

Flame Resistant Suit - shot of one of the presenters testing a suit as he walks through a sheet of fire. Shots of two men wearing the suit, putting out a fire in a simulated demonstration. Acid is then poured on the protective clothing to demonstrate its properties. Back in the studio, the male presenter demonstrates more of the suit's properties.

School for creativity and practical learning - great shots of school children with their ribboned hats, walking into the schoolyard to start the day. A teacher in a classroom writes on a blackboard as students in the foreground look on. Shots of boys examining geometric objects as part of their mathematics education. A boy uses a protractor to draw geometric triangular shapes. The teacher and two boys discuss the advantages and benefits of the school. A good sequence of international students playing basketball. Shots of one of the teacher's home's living room, which is also home to a number of international students. The boys then each prepare a meal representing their national cuisine. Students are then filmed in the leisure activities centre, where they are able to learn such skills as soldering on electrical circuit boards. Shots follow of boys using a crane-like machine and an electronic device with a monitor, buttons and knobs. (good gadget type footage) A boy operates a remote controlled toy boat which moves and fires an explosive device. A montage of shots of what has been shown as the boys leave the school grounds.

The female presenter announces the postal address and says goodbye.

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