Film: 9888

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Four newsreels from Ramsgate, Kent.

"Royal Visit"
"Wednesday the 19th May, 1948, was a day of rejoicing for Ramsgate, when H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent visited the Borough."
"The Opening of the Invicta Landing Stage"
Panning shot of Ramsgate as if taken from the sea. The harbour with its walls stretching out into the sea with a large boat at its mouth. Closer shot of the boat sitting behind the dock wall. Nautical flags and bunting are hung on the ship. An official black car bearing a crest pulls up. A policeman opens the door and a lady gets out of the car. She wears a hat and holds a clutch bag. She is followed by the Mayor wearing ceremonial robes. The woman (presumably the Duchess of Kent) walks along with the mayor and other dignitaries. She looks up at a flag of a fleur de lys which is hoisted on the boat rigging. Speeches are given by a chap in a large black hat and ceremonial dress, and then the Duchess. They speak into a microphone with the other dignitaries standing behind them. The Duchess is accompanied forward by a man in a suit, and she cuts a string with scissors to open the landing stage. She smiles as those gathered clap. She walks forward with the mayor and pulls the string to reveal a plaque behind a curtain - "This Landing Stage was Opened by H.R.H. the Duchess of Kent on 19th May 1948". She meets various nautical types (wearing white hats) and shakes their hands. Close up of her face smiling. She descends a few steps down an open staircase and glances down (presumably onto the landing stage). The fleur-de-lys flag flaps in the wind. She walks along the quayside with the mayor and the entourage, putting her gloves on as she goes. Three black cars (the front one with the crest) drive away from the camera along the harbour wall.
"Ramsgate Welcomes a Royal Visitor"
Crowds line the streets and wave flags as a lady (Duchess of Kent?) walks down the street with her entourage. Closer shot of a group of smartly dressed ladies with bags and hats - perhaps waiting to meet the royal visitor. A group of cadets with bayonets stand to attention at the edge of the crowd.
Panning shot of "Ramsgate General Hospital" carved in stone across the front of the brick building. The Duchess is saluted by a man in military uniform, then she is introduced to hospital workers who curtsey and shake her hand. Close up of a nurse wearing uniform with white hat. Close up of a black or Afro-Caribbean nurse. The Duchess walks past the nurse who are standing in a line.
The Duchess goes into the hospital building. She stops before a curtain made of a Union Flag, which she pulls to one side to reveal the "Ramsgate Peace Memorial Book of Remembrance 1939 - 1945". She opens a wooden door to reveal the book. The Duchess meets patients in physiotherapy and talks to one man who is using a rowing type machine. The Duchess walks through hospital grounds where other people are gathered and into a different part of the hospital. She walks into a Nightingale style ward where the nurses are standing to attention by the beds. Close up of a boy in a hospital bed holding a small Union Flag on a stick. The Duchess, holding a bunch of flowers, leans over to talk to him, but he just grins at the camera. The Duchess talks to the nurse by his side. A baby or toddler lays in a cot looking up at the camera, holding an adult's hand. The Duchess walks past more cots with small children. The nurses hold their hands through the bars. A girl with blond hair sits up in bed. Shot of the Duchess looking into a cot and smiling. Close up of a boy sitting in bed. Panning shot of the children's ward reveals children in beds on one side, craning their necks to see the camera, and babies in cots on the other. A boy with his leg(s) in traction leans over smiling and holding a flag. The Duchess talks to some older children. Outside the hospital crowds gather around the official car as it drives off.
"The Ramsgate Peace Memorial Part 2"
"On 1st January 1848, the Seaman's Infirmary was founded at Ramsgate. In 1909 the existing buildings were opened as the Ramsgate General Hospital".
"Proposed extensions to the Hospital include an Out Patient and Casualty Department, estimated to cost £50,000. Ramsgate has decided that this Department shall be the town's Peace Memorial."
"On the afternoon of the 19th May, 1948, H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent, C.I., G.C.V.O., G.B.E. laid the foundation stone."
Shot of the exterior of the Ramsgate General Hospital. Crowds wave as the Mayor and the Duchess get out of the official cars. People look from the upstairs windows of houses. The Duchess walks past cadets and speaks to men in dress uniforms. A small military band is conducted by their leader. The Duchess is accompanied by the Mayor to the front of the hospital where she talks to waiting nurses. People in the crowd wave as the Duchess shakes hands. On old woman dressed up in coat and hat sits in a wheelchair.
"Mrs. Jane Champkin, 105 years old, and Ramsgate's oldest resident, is presented to her Royal Highness."
The Duchess leans over to talk to the old woman who is now wearing dark glasses. Close up of the woman without her glasses on. The Duchess walks up some steps onto a stage area. Children wave from behind a wooden fence. Various dignitaries sit on the platform.
"The Mayor, Alderman J. J. White."
The mayor, in ceremonial dress, stands and talks into a microphone. People listen sitting on rows of folding chairs. Shot of a vicar or priest wearing robes sitting and listening. Panning shot of the seated crowd.
"Alderman The Rev. Harcourt Samuel, Chairman of the Hospital, and of the Memorial Fund Committee, invites Her Royal Highness to lay the Foundation Stone."
The Reverend talks into the microphone. Shot of a megaphone shaped loudspeaker on a post. Further shots of the seated onlookers. Chaps in suits busy themselves around the stone which is held up by chains. A bucket is passed onto the stage. Close up of a woman in the crowd wearing a hat with a net. The chains on the stone are adjusted and the base where it is to be laid is prepared. The Duchess stands close by. The stone is lowered into position. A spirit level is used on the side, and the bucket is passed back down off the stage. The Duchess stands to address the crowd with the microphone. Shot of Jane Champkin in the crowd. Close up of the Duchess talking, with the foundation stone in the foreground of the shot. Further GVs of the audience and crowds. They clap as the Duchess sits down.
"The Right Rev. The Bishop of Dover."
The Bishop speaks into the microphone. People stand with their heads bowed in prayer. Some photographers in the crowd hold cameras with flash lamps. Those gathered on the stage sit after the prayer.
"H. Kenyon Daniel, Esq., President of the Hospital."
Another chap wearing a suit addresses the crowd. Shots of people listening and the Duchess looking into her "order of service" on her lap. The Duchess leaves the stage, preceded by a chap carrying a mace.
"The Inspection of the Hospital."
The Duchess walks past nurses into the hospital. She is accompanied by a nurse or matron and she talks to children who are sitting up in their beds.
"And now, on a day unlike other days… a day that will live down through the years in our hearts, Her Royal Highness leaves Ramsgate."
As the car drives out of sight people rush into the space left by the car amongst the crowd, holding flags. Some look over their shoulders at the camera. GVs of milling crowds, including children in school uniform.
"The Ramsgate Peace Memorial"
"On 1st January 1848, the Seaman's Infirmary was founded at Ramsgate. In 1909 the existing buildings were opened as the Ramsgate General Hospital".
"Proposed extensions to the Hospital include an Out Patient and Casualty Department, estimated to cost £50,000. Ramsgate has decided that this Department shall be the town's Peace Memorial."
"On the 11th November, 1947, the Mayor, Alderman J. J. White cut the first sod, thus commencing work on the Memorial, which when completed will provide much needed specialist service for the people of our town."
View of the exterior of Ramsgate General Hospital. The front of the hospital with its name clearly across the front of the building. Panning shot of the name carves in stone. Close up of a Union Flag (or Union Jack) flying. The mayor and other hospital dignitaries walk to a small raised platform outside the hospital.
"Kenyon Daniel, President of the Hospital, presided."
The group sit on wooden chairs on the wooden platform as Daniel stands at the front speaking into a microphone. Gathered onlookers are seen to one side.
"Alderman the Rev. Harcourt Samuel, Chairman of the Hospital and of the Memorial Fund Committee outlined the project."
Closer shot of him addressing the crowd. The mayor can be seen in the background. A group of nurses in uniform are part of the crowd. More general views of the speech and the crowd. A photographer moves to take a photograph. Two chaps in suits adjust the microphone for the mayor.
"The Mayor, Alderman J. J. White."
The mayor, dressed in a suit and wearing his ceremonial chain addresses those gathered. Wide shot of the onlookers with the group of nurses in the middle. The Mayor holds a spade in his hand. A man crouches in front of him filming him with a moving image camera. The mayor stands just in front of the platform and digs up a sod of earth as the crowd looks on.
"Dedicatory Prayers were offered by the Rev. S. B. Green, Mayor's Chaplain."
The chaplain talks while those around stand holding their hands in front of them with their heads bowed. Wider shots of the crowd and the group on the platform who sit after the prayers.
"Alderman G. W. Twigger, J. P., thanked the Mayor for officiating."
Final panning shot of the onlookers and dignitary. The mayor and other officials walk from the platform and the crowd starts to mill around. Shot of the Union Flag at the top of a flag pole.
"A large part of the £50,000 has been raised locally by subscriptions and otherwise, but donations are still needed."

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