Film: 9889

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Feature film starring Victor Jory and Evelyn Venable. A romantic comedy of errors set on an imagined, modern, high speed train taking passengers from New York to California in only 20 hours. This is the end section of the feature. For reels 1-4, see 14997.

Mr Young, holding Doctor's arm, hurries down the corridor towards his room. Doctor enters and closes the door, preventing Mr Young from entering. Jimmy stands by the door. John comforts Mr Young. Doctor reappears and instructs Jimmy to bring his instruments and lots of boiling water. He berates Mr Young for allowing "a woman in her condition to travel". Mr Young explains that if the baby is born in California, it will inherit $10,000. Jimmy arrives with the Doctor's bag. Doctor goes back into the room and closes the door. John and Mary link arms with Mr Young and lead him back towards the bar. John and Mary talk about their son. They arrive at the main desk and go up the right hand stairs towards the restaurant.

Cut to Patricia's room. She sits at her dressing table. Jimmy enters without knocking and slams the door. He sits facing her on the table. He tries to put her off going to Santa Barbara. Jimmy tells her he has come to make the bed, and he strolls around looking for it. Patricia opens the door for Jimmy to leave, but he says he will not go unless he completes his job. Patricia exasperatedly goes over to the wall panel and presses a button. A bed emerges from the lower wall. Jimmy starts to make the bed, talking about the theatre as he does so. Patricia snatches the pillow from him and they tussle over it across the bed. He lets go and she falls backwards. Jimmy leaps over the bed and lays down next to her on the floor. They continue to argue - medium close up. Jimmy grabs her and puts her across his lap, and spanks her bottom with a shoe. She squeals. He tells her he loves her. They smooch. She remembers her engagement to Freddy Arnold. They smooch some more and decide to get married. He tells her they will go straight back to the theatre. Her face falls, as she suspects that he is just trying to get his star back, and he doesn't really love her. They both stand. She hits him and throws him out and slams the door.

External shot of the train going along at speed at night. Close up of nose of train with landscape going past very rapidly. Close up on man with the microphone bidding his listeners good morning. He stands next to a window and the landscape shoots past outside. Same man shot from different angle - he is in the main reception area. John and Mr Young approach. Radio man asks after Mrs. Young. John claps his arm around Mr Young's shoulders and leads him off. They arrive at room 6. Mary looks out of the door and congratulates Mr Young on becoming a father. Mr Young knocks on Patricia's door and tells her the news. He goes along the corridor knocking on each door (8, 10, 12 and 14). Landen appears from no.14 and looks not impressed at all at the news. A bedraggled man dressed in his vest and pants is bemused by the announcement. Mr Young runs to reception and asks where in the country they are. He is told they are in Arizona and clutches his head in his hands despondently. John leads him off towards the bar. Mr Landen tells the desk clerk he is going up to breakfast. Conductor calls Jimmy over and tells him to go and make up Mr Landen's room.

Jimmy enters room 14. He straightens the bed before stretching out on it with a magazine. Close up on a page in the magazine featuring Patricia advertising shaving cream. Jimmy strokes his chin thoughtfully, feeling for stubble, and glances over to the wash basin. He picks up Landen's shaving brush and the tube of shaving cream and lathers his face.

Cut to the dining room. Elaine enters and looks around anxiously. She sees Landen who is seated alone under a triangular window, reading the newspaper, and smoking a cigarette from a holder. He stands as she approaches and the two sit, she is nervous. They discuss the diamond. He agrees to give it back to her until they have left the train. He leaves the room.

Cut to Jimmy who has finished shaving and dabs at his face with a towel. He picks up the shaving cream and discovers the hard lump at the bottom. He unrolls the end of the tube. Close up of his hands as he pulls the pendant out and rinses it under the tap. Landen enters and looks shocked. He goes to the door and calls for the steward and conductor. Jimmy and Landen wrestle. Three uniformed conductors arrive. The lead one separates the two men. Landen accuses Jimmy of theft. Landen goes to the sink and produces a different pot of shaving cream and insists that Jimmy planted the other one. Conductor is about to drag Jimmy away when Freddy appears and offers to be Jimmy's character witness. Conductor pulls Jimmy away.

Cut to Patricia eating breakfast alone in her room. Freddy enters and tells her about Jimmy's predicament. She misunderstands and laughs. Jimmy and the main conductor argue at the reception desk. Elaine approaches. She takes a look at Landen who is seated nearby, and with his approval, identifies the pendant. She goes to Landen and thanks him half-heartedly. Freddy and Patricia approach the desk. She pretends not to know Jimmy's real identity. When she realises that he has been accused of theft, she falls into his arms, calling him "Jimmy darling". They smooch. Close up on annoyed conductor who demands an explanation. Behind Patricia, Freddy looks bemused. Landed again accuses Jimmy of theft. On the opposite side of the desk, Mary stands up and announces that Jimmy couldn't have taken the pendant. They all stand in a group while she explains. Landen looks smugly at Elaine and tells her that it's "every man for himself". Elaine looks beseechingly across at Mary and John. She refuses to explain further and leaves the room. Mary and John glance at one another knowingly. Landen follows Elaine. John turns away from the group and looks thoughtful. He and Mary sit together and appear to be reconciled. Pan across to Jimmy and the conductor shaking hands. Freddy stands alone at the bar and Patricia goes over to him. He calls Jimmy over and wishes the two of them well (sweet, but unlikely).

Jimmy embraces Patricia and offers to take her to Honolulu for their honeymoon. She responds by saying that she will return immediately to the show. Mr Young runs in and asks the conductor where in the country they are. He announces that his wife has given birth to a twin and the money is theirs. He offers to buy everyone a drink. They all go to the bar. Bowler hatted drunk appears as if from nowhere and orders a double. The End.

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