Film: 9891

Transport General | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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How the Edinburgh transport system copes, rebuilding or repairing roads and tramways. Good, detailed scenes of manual labour 1920's

Edinburgh, Scotland. Opening title - "City and Royal Burgh of Edinburgh Transport Department and its activities". Wonderful street scenes, trams, buses, shopping street packed with people, commuters waiting at stops to go home.
Intertitle -"Shrubhill Repair Depot"
A foundry, workshops for building tramcars, electrical systems. Men clock in to work, industrious scenes, melting iron, bending into shape, hammering, tightening bolts, sawing, etc. Private bus drives around cobbled street. Shots of tram from beginning stages to completion. Close-up of man in cap painting tram. Crowd of men leaving work at the end of the day.
Intertitle - "Central Garage". Bus leaves garage/depot. A woman with a pram and two small children pass by. Inside the garage, rows of buses lined up. Man fills a bus with petrol. Bus is sprayed with water and men scrub it with brooms. Inside a man hovers the seats.
Intertitle - "Electrical equipment of line". View of a factory building and inside lots of equipment, switches and dials one of which reads "Wardie Trinity". Close-up of rooftops of houses and the street below with a parked car.
Men working on a new tram track, drilling through concrete, loading the earth onto a truck, laying the rails, mixing cement, pouring it in and laying bricks.
Intertitle - "Traffic Department". Busy street with trams, buses and people waiting and stops. Trams parked in the garage. Intertitle - "Traffic Arrangements". People in a long moving queue alongside trams, some of them wave at the camera.
A football (possibly rugby) match, people crowd onto the pitch. Crowds leaving the match and get on the trams, policemen direct them. Excellent shot of huge queues of people getting on trams.
Transport officials cashing up back at the garage.
Intertitle - "Parcels Department". A man walks into the parcels department. Parcels are loaded into a Parcels Service van at the back. They are delivered to houses where people sign for them. A group of men sit around a table having a meeting.
Intertitle - "Recreation"
Drivers sit around tables reading newspapers and books. Various sporting scenes: a boxing match, men lifting weights, wrestling match. People in a meeting hall or social club playing cards around tables. A woman hands out prizes on a stage and a band play, saxophones and a piano. People dance. A couple turn and smile at the camera.


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