Film: 9892

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Dick Turpin the highwayman.
Hold up of stagecoach by imposter, he shoots all the people on the coach. Dick in a tavern overhears and sets out to find the culprit. Another coach, a snivelling woman is flanked by two men. The highwayman stops the coach pointing his pistol. The woman becomes agitated and grabs the arm of one of the men. Man in coach fires at the highwayman and he rides off. Later the fake Dick Turpin tries to rob at a masked ball, where the women are dressed in robe a la francaise and have large wigs on, the couples dance in the ball room, there are a couple of seconds with a front view of one of the women's dresses. The false Dick Turpin is unmasked by the real one. Dick shows two young lovers the way to Gretna Green.

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