Film: 9893

Industry + Work | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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A series of newsreel from America and Britain relating to industrial strife and strike activity. In some cases with considerable Violence.

Industrial scenes. Working class terraced housing sloping down hill. Factory chimneys. Still picture of inside of factory. Film of policeman standing in middle of quiet street outside large building as crowd of people watch. Crowd of people and two policemen stand in front of terraced housing.

'Wild Rioting Marks Warterfront Strike as Troops Mobilize', San Francisco, California, U.S.A..' Docks or shipyard with 'hanger' type building and ships berthed and ships in the distance. Three policemen holding tear gas guns. Line of cars to the left of the picture. The policemen step forward and fire at crowd. Camera pans to the left we see more police firing and one officer directing the others. Scene of men in civilian cloths walking down street with uniformed police in front of them. Then we see a policeman fire his tear gas gun and we see a puff of smoke. More scenes of police firing. Worker in cloth cap being led away by policeman. Scene in front of 'Seaboard Hotel' with a man, possibly suffering from the effects of tear gas, sitting on the pavement rubbing his eyes as two policemen in the foreground look towards the camera. Scene of injured worker being attended to by ambulance men, lifted on to a stretcher and put into an ambulance. Scene of soldiers (with rifles and bayonettes) being brought in by lorries. Soldiers set up a machine gun behind a baricade. Scene of two soldiers guarding docks. Scene of a crowd assembling in a street. Close up of two men with a fire hose. Scene of women thowing stones. Back view of two men throwing stones. Two more men with fire hose. A looter stealing vegatables(?) from a truck. Men in civilian clothes try to stop him, police look on. A women in the same scene is grappled with by a policeman before being let go. Another scene of rioters hurling stones. Scene of a woman (possibly the same woman as earlier) being arrested. Scene of many men being rounded up into a police van. Scene of two men wearing gas masks; one filming and the other talking into telephone or wireless.

'Smithfield Meat Strike: Ten thousand workers "down carcases."'

Opening shot of Smithfield market building in London. Close up of a sign which says 'Dead Slow', in front of the enterance arch of the market. This is followed by a still of hand carts lined up against a wall. Very poor quality scene of a crowd of men, possibly in the market building, listening to a speaker who is standing on a platform and is silhoutted. Scene of a crowd of men milling about. They seem to be 'walking out' of the market. This is followed by a scene of a prize cow or bull. Very poorly focused scene of a crowd in a dockland setting. Scene of fisher women gutting fish or perhaps women preparing meat. Close up of women's mass meeting in a street setting. Close up of women raising their hands to vote.

'States Seek Peace in Big Steel Strike, Monroe, Mich.' USA.

Panning shot of troops marching and lorry in the foreground. Close up of troops marching. Scene of a sheriff talking to a man in a panama hat. Close up of another man wearing a panama. Scene of a mass meeting. The camera pans toward a platform and their is a close up of a union leader speaking. Close up of the crowd clapping. Strike breakers with baseball bats. Close up of two strike breakers, one with a shotgun. They wear arm bands. Close up of an arm band. Close up of hands, menacingly holding baseball bats. Scene of a factory. Scenes of a crowd of men holding sticks and baseball bats above their heads. Women showing off their weapons of bricks etc. Scene of a mass meeting dispersing. Men fire shotguns at a crowd which retreats. Scene of men pushing a car into a river. Men with baseball bats in front of what appears to be a burning tent. Scene of pickets with bandanas over their faces and baseball bats. Men running.

'Government Acts in Steel Strike Crisis, Johnstown, Pa.' USA

Dark view of industrial valley. Industrial scene of factories, chimneys and a train. Men and boys read a notice pinned to a tree. A close up reveals it to be a proclamation of the governor. Men look at a newspaper - headline reads 'STATE "PADLOCKS" BETHLEHEM PLANT.' Close up of an official looking man, the governor perhaps? A street scene - a convoy of cars pass along a street as police in British style uniforms stand guard. A crowd watches. Close up of police patroling the crowd. Close up of a policeman. Scene of men walking out of a factory. A car being driven past a picket line.

'Youngstown, O.' USA

Aerial view of city. Scenes of a mass meeting: view of the crowd followed by a close up of a speaker adressing them. Close up of two women listening to the speach. Close up of a man also listening. Close up of the crowd. They carry placards which read: 'Ohio Leather C.I.O.', also one with a picture of a devil and the caption: 'COWBOY ELSER AND HIS GANG.'

'Troops Take Over Steel Strike Area, Youngston, O.' USA

Street scene with crowds lining the pavement and men milling about in the middle of the road. Scene of two camera men sitting on the bonnet of a car, filming the crowd as the car travels along the street. Close up of the crowd looking at the camera as it passes. Most people are smiling. One man in the middle of the screen raises a clenched fist. Pan of the crowd, with many members of it waiving at the camera (unseen) as it passes. Cut to cobbled street, sloping downwards to a chimneyed factory. Car and four policemen on horces are in the foreground. Cut to a view of two men reading a hand bill. We can read this as we look over their shoulders: 'NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES OF REPUBLIC STEEL CORPORATION. This is followed by scenes of soldiers marching along a road in an industrial setting (chimneys and factories etc.)

'Paramount News presents: WHAT HAPPENED AT SOUTH CHICAGO Memorial Day, 1937'

Caption: 'NOW IT CAN BE SHOWN: Paramount News alone covered the clash between strikers and police May 30th near Republic Steel Plant, South Chicago. The following pictures, made before and during the trouble are shown exactly as they came from the camera, WITHOUT EDITING... as presented before the U.S. Senate Committee in Washington.'

Panning shot of bleak industrial landscape (fields with factories in the background). As the camera pans the landscape we see some policemen standing looking towards factories, a car and more police watching a group of figures in the distance who are walking in single file. The next scene is of a large group of policemen, standing on a dusty road, watching as people (again in single file) walk towards a mass meeting. This is followed by crowd scenes: strikers holding placards and police.

Caption: 'THEN CAME THE CLASH - The camera started about seven seconds after fighting began.'

Scenes of rioting follow. What seems to be to be tear gas is fired and the police charge the retreating crowd. The crowd disperses and the police survey the scene. There are injured strikers lying on the ground. This is followed by a scene of men and a woman being loaded into police vans. An injured striker is attended to by his comrades and the police. He is loaded into a car by his friends as police watch.


View of 'CHRYSLER DE SOTO' factory. Close up of people waiving from its windows. Still of a line of cars inside the factory. Scene of men sleeping on mattresses. Cut to a scene of soldiers marching and soldiers at a machine gun emplacement. Cut to a very official looking group of men (the Chrysler board?). Close up of one of their faces. Then follows a scene of men and women smashing the windows of the factory with basesball bats.

'Universal Newsreel: World-wide Events, Harlan, KY.'

Aerial view of town. View of a crowd lined street. Scenes of heavily armed soldiers and a crowd waiting expectantly. A truck load of civilians (possibly blacklegs) proceeds along a road. Scene of blackleg miners being escorted to work by armed guard. Miners inter a colliery building. Cut to back view of a machine gun emplacement. Cut to another scene of blackleg miners being escorted along a rail track towards pit-head buildings. Scenes of miners and soldiers riding on coal trucks.

'14,000 Miners are striking in Welsh Colliery Group.'

Opening shot with miners climbing a winding gear. Various scenes of miners working underground. Shot of winding gear, this time idle. Cut to miners pushing hand carts. Cut to shot of police guarding the mine enterance. More shots of police, and a man entering the mine. This is followed by a dramatic shot of miners watching all this with a winding gear in the background. There is then a scene of a picket line.


Shots of police and other people at pit-head.

'Exhausted Miners Emerge at End of "Stay-in" Strike.'

Aerial view of valley. Miners emerge from mine. Clapping people line the route. They are embraced by their wives.

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