Film: 9898

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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"Seven Days that shook The World and the fifty Years that followed". American view of Russian Revolution, pre-revolution and political and economic history up until 1967.

Long shot of military parade and crowds in Red Square. Missile on a vehicle in close-up, moving through Red Square. President Brezhnev and a military leader in uniform and another man , probably Kosygin salute on balcony, close-up. Huge banner in Russian. A large number 50 carried through crowds. Rows of soldiers, close-up. Missiles on vehicles. Close-up. Portrait drawing of Karl Marx. Close-up of eyes and nose. Front page of "The Communist Manifesto". Karl Marx written on it. Opening page and first two paragraphs close-up.

Horses and men ploughing a field and a man and child, ca.1900. Women gathering crops in a field. Peasants . Peasant men thrashing hay. Two men with picks in coal mine. Close-up of picks hitting rocks. Man crawling, cart attached to his back, in mine. Old man and old woman, close-up drinking and eating.

Czar Nicholas II and Czarina Alexandra and dog walk down steps of a house. Large pond and ducks. Nicholas and Alexandra and dog in chairs at table, drinking tea in garden. Czar and Czarina and many officials in uniform walk past a crowd. Prince Alexej being carried.

A banner with writing being removed from front of a building. People watching. Imperial sign? A crowd of men with guns and a vehicle with many men going past. Close-up. Crowd of people running. Close-up from above. Crowd running through an arched entrance. Crowd of men and women, peasants with sticks and scythes pushing up a stairs. Crowd going up an interior staircase. Shots fired from guns. Lenin speaking to an audience, a banner behind. Men marching, not in uniform, with guns. Close-up. Crowds and a vehicle piled with men and guns. Crowds of people and flags. Close-up. Lenin sitting. Crowds at night, flames in distance. Large arch and metal gate - men climbing it, throwing over things. Smoke from other side. Side view as gate opens, crowd rush in, men with guns running up large staircase, new-looking, and down.

Lenin and a cat and a woman, his wife. She takes cat. All sitting at a table inside. Lenin speaking and wife stroking cat. Close-up side view of Lenin speaking. A white church. Camera moves from top to bottom and entrance gate. Crowds of men at gate in front. Close-up of four men winding a rope in machine in front of crowd. Rope attached to bell in church. Close-up. Bell falling to ground, smashing. Red flag and flagpole. Close-up.

Moscow seen from Moskva river. Buildings and a church. Kremlin. Portrait drawing of Lenin, moves in close-up to eyes. Drawing of Lenin and other men in discussion. Drawing of Lenin and Stalin talking to a man. Close-up of front page of Russian newspaper. Coffin of Lenin carried from a train. Men carrying coffin in a crowd. All in black. Crowd and coffin pass St.Basil's cathedral. Snow. Shot moves up St. Basils's to top and smoke in front of crowd. Lenin lying in state. Close-up. Side view of body with people looking. Close-up of Lenins's face. Stalin and two men walk in front of a crowd. Close-up. Close-up of Stalin talking to a man at front of a group. Aerial view of Kremlin.

Members of Communist Party seated in a large hall. Stalin and Krushchev talking sitting. View from behind. Men and woman queing at an election? Close-up of woman and baby. Close-up of people putting their votes in a ballot box. Hand writing in a large book. Stalin in close-up, walking to ballot box past guards. Pots vote in ballot box. Flag flying on top of a building. Long new industrial area with lots of smoke. Views of factory inside. Close-up of a sweaty face. An iron works? Hot metal pouring. Close-up of the sweaty face of a worker. View looking up at industrial containers. Close-up of corn in a field and sky . Women gathering corn in field. Man scything corn, close-up. Scythe in close-up. Scythe and corn in close-up.

Distance view of military parade in Red Square. Banners with pictures of Lenin and Stalin. Stalin and a military leader salute on balcony. Close-up. Soldiers with guns march past. Close-up. Close-up of Stalin saluting. Molotov gets out of a car. Nazi uniform driver. Meeting Nazi leaders, salute and handshakes.

Berlin 1939. Molotov inside, meeting Nazis and other men. Close-up of him speaking. View of fighting in distance. Through binoculars. Distance view of explosions. Russian soldiers and explosions in close-up. Two military officers talking. Close-up. German helmets in snow on ground. Shot moves up to a sign in German with names and dates.

Close-up of Stalin in uniform. Distance view of tank parade in street. Close-up of moving tank. Military parade, soldiers marching. Distance view. Seven men waving from balcony. Zooms into Krushchev waving.

Map of Communist countries after World War Two. Chinese soldiers with bayonets. Tank with Chinese soldiers moving through a crowd in close-up. Close-up of faces in crowd. Mao Tse Tung shaking hand of man getting out of a car.

1939 China. Mao Tse Tung shaking hands with men. Crowd raising hands. Distance view of Lenin's tomb in Red Square. Stalin lying in state. 1953. Close-up of Stalin. Malenkov Prime Minister and first Secretary of the party. Speaking on a podium. Large hall, party members seated and clapping. Close-up of Malenkov speaking to audience. Krushchev in close-up waving from train window. Close-up of large crowd waving. Krushchev descends from a train. Close-up. Hugs and kisses a man. Close-up. Huge crowd waving flags, seen from a distance. Krushchev, Poulganin and Nehru holding hands. Close-up. Krushchev and chairman Mao on a balcony. Close-up. They are smiling.

Russian parliament building?, outside. Inside parliament building, Krushchev entering, members standing and clapping. Large audience of men and women standing and clapping.

USA. Krushchev speaking from podium. CLose-ups of audience. Symbol of the United States in Close-up. Krushchev speaking at podium, very animated. Audience at United Nations. Krushchev getting out of car. Crowd in background. Shakes hands with President Kennedy and other men introduced by Kennedy outside.

Reconnaissance aircraft pilot looking into machine. Close-up. Reconnaissance photograph in close-up: Russian missiles in Cuba. Distance view of ships at sea. Close-up of ship carrying missiles. Map showing changes in Russian and Chinese territory. Krushchev awarded something, audience clapping. Krushchev given a medal. Front page of New York Times. Close-up of headline.

1964. Huge interior of building with many balconies full of people clapping. Kosygin speaking. Close-up. Another huge building full of people clapping. Lenins had on banner above. Brezhnev speaking. Close-up. Close-up of Lenin's head on banner. Industrial works inside factory. Close-up. Male and female workers in close-up. Shots of heavy engineering. Close-up.

Leningrad or St Petersburg metro station and train. Close, chandeliers. Poeple getting on train. Metro train leaving station. Close-up of part of St. Basil's Cathedral. Tram and driver in close up. Street scene- tram, cars, and people. Car in showroom in close-up. Woman at a stall with people walking past. People walking in street. A woman sweeping. Two women sweeping. Woman's shiny shoes. Woman digging in road with shovels. A teacher in classroom showing pupils - a pupil in a spacesuit? Close-up of boy with a helmet. Students looking through telescopes. Close-ups of male and female. Men in spacesuits. Men at an electrical board. Spacecraft firing off from a distance.

Distance view of inside a market. Many people and stalls. Close-up of people buying and selling, scales. Close-ups of fresh food on scales. Distance view of parade of men, women and children in Red Square. Close- ups of people carrying flowers. A trailer for VGI gas. Houses and street. Gas cookers in a row.

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