Film: 9899

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Images from India: an Indian walking in front of his cows; Indian women walking carrying jars on their heads; two men at work in a field. A train arrives at a station. A panoramic view of the country as seen from the moving train. A man in a field at work with a plough pulled by two oxen. Women working in a rice field. People at work in a field. View of a temple. Close-up of some part of the temple. A train arrives at a station.

A view of a city. Shot of some city's streets. Indian soldiers marching in Poona. Close-up of road signs that are in English. A cemetery where a goat is roaming among the tombs. Close-up of some gravestones. A drawing showing an English fort on an Indian beach. A geographical map of India on which are shown the early English trading port. A drawing showing English soldiers fighting against Indian troops. A geographical map of India in 1805. A drawing showing other English military campaigns. A geographical map of India. A drawing showing an Indian woman keeling in front of another woman who is personification of England.

A photograph of Queen Victoria. A photograph of George V. Images of the journey of George V in India in 1911 in Delhi. Soldiers and elephants parading. A photograph of a bridge. A photograph of a factory. A photograph of a train still on a really high bridge. A port. Images of the Indian landscape. A photograph of the English Governors. Photograph of Indian political men. A photograph of the members of the Indian National Congress. An ecclesiastical monument. Indian troops fighting during the First World War. Riots and demonstrations in India after the end of the war. A view of Amritsar. A rifle shooting in rapid sequence. View of the place where the Amritsar massacre took place. A newspaper's article referring to the massacre [from the Times].

Indian people gathered in a square. A photograph of Gandhi. A photograph of a young Gandhi, then a lawyer in South Africa. Photographs of Gandhi. Gandhi talking to a woman and a man. A huge crowd of Indians demonstrating against the British. Policemen charging the crowd with batons quite violently. An ambulance drives through the crowd. Indians behind bars. A photograph of Nehru. Images from the 'march of salt', April 1930. Gandhi addressing the crowd. 1931 Gandhi in London. Gandhi in front of Downing Street No. 10. A photograph of Gandhi. An English ceremony through the street of an Indian city. A poster reading 'War Declared'. Indian soldiers marching. The Indian army at war. A British minister meets some Indian representatives. Writing on walls. The high wall of a prison. A photograph of the post-war English Government. A close-up of Mrs. Attlee.

An Indian temple. People bathing in the Ganges river. Muslims praying. View of a mosque. Gandhi talking with some people. A huge crowd. A building on fire. Images from the August 1946 riot. Bodies lying in a street. The body of a burned child. An aeroplane just landed. Mountbatten being greeted by English officers, and Indian leaders. Mountbatten and his wife in an open carriage. A geographical map of India where the State of Pakistan is shown. The ceremony of British withdrawal. The English flag is lowered down, the Indian flag is hoisted. Nehru being greeted by a very huge crowd. Nehru addresses the crowd.

People in a boat. A young child. Another child. People running in a street. A train with people travelling on the roof or hanging at the side of the carriages. Refugees leaving their villages. Bodies lying in a road. The Gandhi's funeral. A close-up of Gandhi's body. A huge crowd assisting to the funeral. The corpse is burned.

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