Film: 99

Music | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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1930's music hall songs and acts

1. Nat D Ayer (?) Composer of If You Were The Only Girl in the World… plays his new number with the Coldstream Guards. Theatre, grand piano & pianist on stage. Singer dressed in RAF uniform. Behind him are five Coldstream Guards, the set changes and there are the full military band. The song is stirring fight for our land sort of stuff (but no exactly catchy)

2. Raymond Newell sings on stage, the set is of a country lane with a picturesque cottage. Orchestra pit in front of stage. Audience. Close up of women's marching feet, then close up of men's marching feet. The are singing as they march. The march in lines, each line is dressed in a different uniform, not all of which are military. They march on stage singing.

3. After The Ball sung by a man & woman in Edwardian evening dress. They sing to an audience in a theatre or old style Gentlemen's Club.

4. Tessa Deane sings "Keep the Home Fires Burning", warbly high pitched soprano voice. Audience is bored, usherette reads a magazine!

5. 'Comrades' sung by a soldier on stage with a set that looks like a British Army camp in Afghanistan or the Khyber Pass. Audience joins in the last chorus.

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