Film: 9901

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Sweden in the 1960's

The earth, Europe facing towards us. Map points out Sweden and shows how far north it is. The earth spins and shows that Sweden is as far north as Greenland and Northern Siberia. Arctic Circle sign, boat by lake mountains in distance. Mountain reflected in lake. Man comes out of hut by lake. He has two dogs. Dog. Lapps with herd of reindeer. Man on horsedrawn harvester. Cuts corn? Grass? Corn. A woman tensing her vegetable plot north of the Arctic Circle.
A man waters vegetables he is growing in a frame.. Large greenhouse. Women tending vegetables in a greenhouse. A man examines a plant in a greenhouse. A farm. A hut by a lake. Midnight sun. Forest and lake. lake and forest and sun. Dark winter. Man in fur coat and hat on ship looks through binoculars. Sea of Bothnia packed with ice. Ships among the ice. Knocking ice off ship's cables. Ships among the ice. Europe. Map shows current that makes Southern Sweden warmer than the north. Boat at dock and fishing ship in Gothenburg harbour. Ships sounding foghorns. Fog in the air. Map. Turning Sweden round gives an impression of how large Sweden is. farmland seen from the air. Forests and lakes in Northern Sweden. Nordland province. Fast-flowing streams. rapids and waterfalls. Field full of crops. A man inspects them. Plant breeding institute at Svalo ?? Women inspecting crops. Reforestation? Men and women doing forestry work.. They are planting trees. A man driving a tractor ploughing a field. A tractor and combine harvester harvesting corn. Windmill in the background. Combine harvesters harvesting. A woman moving eggs in a factory. Eggs in a machine. A milk bottling machine. A butter-wrapping machine. A man cutting down a tree with a chainsaw. Trees falling. A Caterpillar tractor dragging logs through snow. Dumping logs from a truck into a river. Logs floating downstream. Logs going over a waterfall. Logs going downstream past forest. Logs floating down flues (chutes?) to avoid rapids. They return to the river. Men guiding logs with poles. Sawmill ? Paper mill? Logs going up a conveyor belt. A man in a mill stops logs and cuts them into lengths using a circular saw. A man guiding the sections into different paths. Wood chips on a conveyor belt. making paper. Cutting a log into sections. Paper being collected ? Making matches. Boxes of matches. In France they ask for a box of Swedish instead of matches. Match boxes on a machine. A factory. Open cast iron ore mining at Kiruna. Explosions. Trucks taking iron ore for processing. Loading iron ore onto a truck. Huge mine buildings. Massive wheels. Shafts penetrate deep underground to get more iron ore. Mine lift operator ? Lift indicator panel. Wheels lowering/raising lifts. Miners in a descending lift. Lift wheels. Descending lift. Lift wheels. Lift arrives at its destination. The miners get out. Miners working at the iron ore face. A truck load of iron ore is poured down a shaft. A train pulling cars full of iron ore underground. An iron ore train going to Narvik or Lulea. Lakes and mountains on either side of the track. A harbour - it could be Narvik, Lulea or Oxelosund. Ships in harbour, ore train in foreground. Train goes across girder bridge. Ore tipped onto a conveyor belt and then it goes onto a ship. Ships in harbour. Iron and steel works in Sweden. Smelting furnace. Refining the ore. Inside steel works. A crane moves metal along the works. A shipyard. A crane moves a big piece of metal. Welding in a shipyard. Moving a big piece of a ship. Launching a ship. A lifebelt ? saying Hamnen. Behind that, clock cranes. Loading Swedish goods for foreign export onto a ship. In this case the destination is Argentina. The goods are loaded onto the Dido. Swedish goods for export. They're loaded onto ships. Unloading oil, which Sweden imports. A house beside a wood. A man enters it. He goes into the kitchen and greets his wife and son. Children outside under a tree. A man carrying a bag walks past them. Children in a school playground. Modern Swedish buildings seen from the air. The nearest ones are surrounded by woodland. Tower blocks. A Stockholm suburb. Tower blocks and shops. Children playing in fountains. Central Stockholm. Buildings in central Stockholm. A statue of a Lion with its paw on a ball. Buildings in central Stockholm. A crown in the foreground. Pleasure boat on the river.

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