Film: 9905

Politics | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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The New Deal in the U.S.A. during the depression of the 1930s and the life and presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt

Man and woman descend steps, surrounded by other people. Probably President and Mrs Hoover. They are greeted by officials and military men, some of who salute. Hoover gets into an open-topped car next to Franklin D Roosevelt. The motorcade sets off and Roosevelt lifts his top hat and smiles. Movie cameraman seen in background. Car sets off through the street. Prominent United States flag on the front. A few shots of the car passing through the streets. Car is preceded by large motorcycle escort then full street parade with several ranks of mounted police in a wide street. Possibly Washington DC. Crowded podium decorated with large emblems or flags. Shot of huge crowd passively watching. 4th March 1933 and the inauguration and swearing-in of the new President Roosevelt. Large American eagle emblem on front of podium or balcony. Shot of Hyde Park USA, home of the Roosevelt family then close up shot of entrance. Outdoor scene of home gathering, including Roosevelt and a number of guests. Gathering due to Roosevelt moving on from state senator to assistant secretary of the navy and bidding farewell to his friends. Shot of two women and three male children with alsatian dog. Facial close-up of older woman, probably relatives of Roosevelt. Another headshot of Roosevelt, then holding the mallet or gavel of office in an acceptance ceremony for the new post in front of a few spectators, probably staff. Roosevelt then shown making speech. Section of ship being moved, probably by crane, during ship construction. Workers assembling ship then hammering rivets to secure section. Roosevelt presenting cup to male individual on podium or stage. Aerial shot of shipyards and probable launch of new ship. New ship with large USA flag and crowded deck. Roosevelt on bridge of a ship with two of the crew, buttoning overcoat during snowfall. Small ship, probably a launch, then speeds away during heavy snowfall. Three battleships in sea, then Roosevelt on board with probably two admirals. Single battleship ploughing through sea. Crowded American troopship then individual American troops disembark with full kit and rifles. Ruins of town, probably French or Belgian being passed by American soldiers on foot, with some on horseback. American troops advancing across open tract of land, through barbed wire entanglements under fire. Crowded ranks of troops passing President Woodrow Wilson on podium with unknown military official who removes top hat across his chest.
1920 Democrat convention with supporters holding state names on small poles. Supporters passing, some waving American flags. William Jennings Bryan making speech for nomination. Female supporter in large hat cheering enthusiastically. Male supporter on stage cajoling support. Roosevelt in white boater crossing street with successful nominee James M Cox. Both remove boaters in front of camera. Roosevelt puts arm round Cox. A number of supporters waving flags and hats. Roosevelt on crutches in 1921, having caught polio. In front of house with walking stick. Giving speech without walking aids. In water, playing ball with a number of youngsters in swimming costume. Milling crowd outside entrance to Democrat Convention in either 1924 or 1928. Roosevelt arrives by car and is shown standing with walking stick. Cheering crowds inside convention precede Roosevelt appearing on podium. Amongst enthusiastic crowd, banner with picture of Alfred E Smith whom Roosevelt was supporting for Democrat nomination. President Hoover in open-topped car following success at polls. Removes hat alongside another individual. Car leaves drive of building. Roosevelt outside car having attained a seat in the Governor’s Mansion in Albany. A shot of the frontage follows. Seated Roosevelt in 1929 with pen in hand. Front page of the News Chronicle with ‘Depression Cripples US’ headline. Man in hat with large sandwich board around neck reading ‘unemployed’. Queue of people entering soup kitchen, then individual close-ups. Long line of children entering building, then individually served with plate of food. Seen returning to wooden tables where other children eating food. Men sitting outside store then close up of one sewing his clothes. 1932 Democrat Convention in Chicago. Crowded auditorium shows many with banners supporting Roosevelt. Another crowded auditorium with many waving small American flags before President Herbert Hoover appears an gives speech. Switches to Roosevelt giving speech on podium, with radio microphones alongside. Cheering crowds and Roosevelt waving following election victory. Crowds surging into banks from outside. Angry crowd inside bank besieging tellers’ counters. Inauguration speech from Roosevelt on podium, outdoors with large American eagle emblem on front of stage. Large crowd look on in anticipation. Shot of White House with airship in the background. Inside Congress with the passing of a bill. Shot of radio, then a number of shots of people and their families listening to Roosevelt’s speech. Scenes of drought and soil erosion. Three farmer using a hand plough. Deserted farm followed by children playing ball in run-down farmyard. Young child furtively watches from doorway. Farmer and family shown leaving farm following eviction by sheriff and his assistant. Destitute farmer and family with meagre belongings at side of road as cars pass. Train arrives at Tennessee Valley station where large crowd awaits. Roosevelt addresses crowd from back of train. Two explosions on Tennessee Valley land shown. Construction work shown, large crane in action, the Roosevelt on wooden podium viewing work. Large excavator in progress with close-ups of individual construction workers in action. Building of dam at Muscle Shoals as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority Act. Tennessee River shown then dam on the bank. Number of shots of the buildings that made up the dam. Man turns in switch that activates large meter. More shots of men turning leavers on, then water gushing through dam. Inside of dam building shown in action. Man ploughing field with horse then tractor doing similar job. Harvesting and preparation of crops. Field shown with abundance of crops. Flag show of ‘National Recovery Administration’, then shop window advertising same, followed by delivery lorry with similar advert. NRA posters shown in the windows of banks, barbers and shops. Shop shown from outside with abundance of potatoes. Inside shop, man packs shopping for two women. Shop well stocked with produce. Factory machinery shown idle. Roosevelt seated giving speech on NRA. Roof of factory shown then large numbers of men clocking on for work. Men at work inside the factory, drilling and welding. Young children waving small American flags then Roosevelt in driving seat of open top car. Young children with welcome banner for Roosevelt. Street shown, then pictures of older people in conversation, looking apprehensive. Senator Wagner and Frances Perkins watch a seated Roosevelt sign paper - this the Bill for Unemployment Insurance and Social Security. Postman shown delivering to elderly people at their homes. Train wheels and heavily-crowded scenes before Roosevelt shown giving speech from platform of train carriage. Governor Alf Landon shown on carriage of train. Republican Landon then gives speech from draped indoor podium. Roosevelt delivering another speech in a cheery manner. Pictures of people at work in factories and elderly citizens. Ends with Roosevelt conversing outdoors with elderly man.

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