Film: 9906

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Coach travel holiday in the West Country, visiting places in Avon, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall etc 1950's

Titles and credits over a book which is opened so that we see its contents: 'The Library Shakespeare'. Closer. Page with quotation (e.g. England as 'this sceptr'd isle'etc.) Palms and lush bushes, possibly Tresco Gardens in the Scilly Isles. Rocky coast with lighthouse. Flat-capped old men sat on a bench. Rocky coast and turquoise water. Middle-aged tourists walk admiringly past wells. Bishop's Palace's gate-house. Wide river valley.

Map of England. Map of the West Country. A tourist bus or coach drives under the arch of a medieval town gate. Statue, monument in Stratford-on-Avon. The Shakespeare Theatre. Canoes in the Avon. Swan and signets on the river. Rowing boats on the river. The white tourist bus drives into Broadway in the Cotswolds. The village green, cars passing, the old stone cottages. Another view. Thatched cottages. The bus passes us on a country road, happy music playing. Bath abbey. Trees in blossom, steps, balustrade and houses- a pretty view of Bath. Pink wallflowers. Closer. The bridge at Bath. Close-up of one of its arches. An angler fishes from the weir. Bus driver helps a man off the coach. He helps women down.

The road to the Clifton Suspension bridge. View from it of a road in the ravine below. The bridge seen from below, our bus passing in the street. The bus winds its way up Cheddar Gorge. The bus disappears from view in the Gorge. Limestone outcrop above. Some of the tourists climb to the top of the gorge. Their view of the Gorge. The bus down another country lane. The ornate west front façade of Wells Cathedral. Closer, columns and statues. The cathedral's central tower. One of its smaller towers. The medieval gatehouse of the Bishop's Palace, tourists walking by. Closer view, showing us the moat.

The bus drives away to Babbacombe. The white front of Trecarn hotel, owned by Wallace Arnold coach company. Closer, the hotel's name. A dachshund on the pavement. Guests eat a meal in the dining hall, served by a waiter. Another view. Close-up of two tables. The bus waits by (another) sign for the hotel. Guests or tourists sit in the tropical garden. A gardener waters flowers with a hose. Another view. The bus leaves the hotel.

View from a hill of a sandy beach. A funicular railway, packed with tourists, descends the hill. Tourists and beach at the bottom. Tourists unfold deckchairs on the beach. Four of the women enjoying the sun in their deckchairs. Others, a woman taking off her longest skirt to sunbath in a knee-length skirt, very modest. Two women paddle up to their ankles in the sea. Tour boats moored at a wooden pier. A woman lets the waves wash over her. A father and son push an open catamaran into the sea. An old couple clamber into a closed catamaran. The open catamaran is launched with the boy on it. A man pushes the other, with the old couple on board, out to sea. The boy paddles.

The cliff railway, going up. A sea gull perches on a pole. The railway again. Young child walks on the beach. View of Ancy(?) Cove. Tourists sunbathing. Rocks and scenery of the cove. A couple sit enjoying the view. Coast en route to Torquay. Pleasure-boats floating in Torquay's harbour. Close-up of several of the boats. Town and coast seen from a formal garden. Gardens and pavilion. A pond in the gardens. Lilies in the pond. Quaint thatched cottages in the village of Cockington (?). Tourists admire the houses. Similar. A tourist watches the mill water wheel turn. Sign for 'Ye Olde Wishing Well'. Ducks on the pond. A nesting duck. Closer. View from the coach as it winds along quiet country roads.

Tourists aboard a steamer on the Dart river near Totnes. The water near the prow. Cows in a field by the river. A smaller boat seen from the steamer, leafy trees along the bank. Another small boat sails by. A village nestles in an inlet. The river stretching away in front of the steamer. Close-up of the steamer's flag, 'The River Dart'. Wooded banks and boat seen from the steamer. The other boat as we overtake it. Foaming water at the stern. Merchant ships unload at a quay. White houses on a hill overlooking the river. Tourists and passengers enjoy the view. Road and houses along the riverbank. The name of the ship- 'Berry Castle', on its stern. The passengers disembark at Dartmouth.

The coach drives through a village. Tourists pass under an arch at Buckfastleigh. Sign for 'Buckfast Abbey'. The medieval frontage of the abbey. A view of the whole abbey. Its tower, seen through trees. Another view. Tourists board the coach. The dachshund seen earlier trots along a pavement. The back of the coach bearing the name 'Wallace Arnold'. The bus drives past, the passengers waving. A lighthouse at Plymouth hoe. The top of the lighthouse. Tourists at its base. A memorial, probably concerning the Spanish Armada. A bronze statue of Sir Francis Drake. A small cannon at the base of a memorial. Bronze relief of the Armada, on the memorial. Holiday makers playing bowls. The old harbour and Drake's Island in the background. Small boats floating in the harbour. Steps leading down to the water, sunbathers on the edge. A similar shot. The barbican where the Pilgrim fathers set off from. View of the harbour and swimming pool. The edge of the pool. Bathers in the pool. Anglers on rocks around the harbour. Similar. Panorama of the rocky bay. Sunset on the sea.

Trecarn hotel again , its sign prominent. The coach waits outside. Guests leave the hotel. The manageress sees them off. She shakes hands with one of them. Tourists lining up for the coach. Dachshund and passengers embark. The bus pulls away.

Ponies on Dartmoor. A tiny village, Buckland in the moor. A thatched cottage. Similar. Ponies on the moor. A driver feeds a pony from his car. Closer. Stone bridge. Tourists on rocks by the stream's edge. A child ponders the water. Pier and harbour at Looe in Cornwall. The clear sea. Closer. Boats in a harbour. A boy takes a fishing rod from a boat. A fisherman sails out. Fishing boats and a rowing boat at Polperro. The harbour and a quayside houses. A seagull on the quay. A gull flies over the water. The harbour, gulls in the air. A couple look around. Others stand by the water. A stream running between clustered cottages. Narrow street with tourists. Tourists in another street. The side of a house decorated with shells. Closer, of a representation of Eddystone lighthouse. Our coach drives through a village. New Quay beach, Polcarn hotel on the cliff above. Notice for Newquay Golf Club. Instructions for visitors to the club. A man tees off on the course. Others putt on a green. Closer. Sign for the club house. The club, built to look like a castle. Tourists play miniature golf. A children's bathing pool. The Polcarn hotel again, high above the busy beach.

View from the hotel, town and sea. Deckchairs and holiday-makers on the beach, rocks in the background. Narrow bridge joining the cliff to a separate piece. Tourists paddling. Waves rolling in off the sea. Surfers in the waves. Swimmers and surfers. More surfers (note, all these surfers are of varying shapes and ages, not the image of modern, male, muscular surfers). Middle-aged surfers leave the sea, carrying old-fashioned wooden boards. A mother leads her child on the beach. A woman emerges from the sea. Holiday makers sat on rocks. A couple on the sand.

The Gammel (?) Estuary. A whitewashed huer's hut, looking out to sea. Boats and harbour. Boats, harbour, and houses. Rocks on the coast. Sunbathers (with most of their clothes on) near the water. A woman writes a postcard. A child with bucket and spade. Seagulls' shadows on the sand. Seagulls being fed. Similar. Group dancing back at the hotel. One of the dancers. People dancing conga-like. An old couple watch and laugh. A woman laughs. Orange is poured at the bar. Old folks sit enjoying a drink. Similar. A pianist bangs away. The conga enters another room. The band plays. A couple talking. A band member. A couple doing a party trick with balloons as they dance. Others watch. Others talk. Old people dancing. The coach's exhaust as it starts up. The driver talking. The passengers on board. Others.

Narrow street in St. Ives, Cornwall. Locals with a pram. Holiday makers in one of the streets. Similar, eating ice creams. Tourists and seagulls by the harbour. Gulls gliding, harbour front houses behind. Children swim in the harbour. The harbour pier. Waves splash in the harbour. Boats floating in the harbour.

The First And Last House In England at Land's End. Sea and cliffs at Land's End. Rocks jutting out into the sea. Closer. Gull flying above. Visitors looking out to sea. Rocks.

Map of the Isles of Scilly. Harbour at a Scilly Isle. An old-fashioned tour car goes down a narrow lane. Flowers and shrubs growing on a wall. A luxurious hedgerow. Flowers and shrubs. Yellow flowers. Palm trees. Tropical flowers (all at Holy Vale?). Another tropical plant. Palms and house. Tall palm trees. Visitors on the beach. Sunbathers. Tourists on a bench, picnicking. Others enjoy ice cream. The tour car slowly makes its way down a lane. People wave from a pier. Another angle. View of land from the boat. The prow of the boat (the boat is the Scillonian). Water splashes at the prow. Another angle. Water at the stern. Sun sets behind the boat as it heads towards the mainland. Seagulls follow the boat. Passengers sat inside the boat. Others look out at the sea. The sea glistening. The ship creates waves. Gulls following. Sun setting behind the boat again. Titles and credits, broken off suddenly.

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