Film: 9907

Social History | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Very good general views of Berlin and Paris in 1929.
Sports day at school. Various individual sports are featured including the pole vault, hurdles, dunking for eggs, volleyball, three legged race, egg and spoon race, long distance running, long jump. Leaving England with the White Cliffs of Dover in the background. Panning shot of ship deck, with men huddled together wearing overcoats. Lifeboats. Arrival at an unidentified French port. Passengers join train - "International des Wagon-Lits et des Grands Express European" - possibly carriages used on the Orient Express. Exterior of front of steam train. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Miscellaneous shots of centre of Berlin, including shop windows. Large, official-looking buildings and boulevards dominate this sequence. Panning shot of Berlin Streets with pedestrians walking up and down wide boulevards. Exterior sign of Paris Cafe and Galleries Lafayette. Paris buses, one with destination Bourse clearly visible, in central Paris. Panning shot (somewhat shaky) of Parisian hoardings advertising products. Brief shots of countryside outside Paris. Second shot of express train. While passengers alight from train and join the boat adjacent to the train station, porters transfer the luggage from the train and stow it on the boat. Ship departs from the station/quay. Sign on ship: (Oil fired vessel naked lights absolutely prohibited in storehold. Any workmen detected smoking will be instantly suspended.) General shots of the children and parents playing in autumn. Child plays with Jack-in-the Box. Panning shot of Brooklands car park with spectators milling about. Restricted view of the track where cars speed past. Superior shot s of cars rushing past. Sign: "Warning to the public: Motor track racing is dangerous and spectators attending this track do so entirely at their own risk. It is a condition of admission that the promoters. owners of the track and the drivers and owners of vehicles are absolved from all liability in respect of accidents causing damage or personal injury to spectators." Cars fly past at high speed. Brief shot of Malcolm Campbell's racing car, Bluebird.

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