Film: 9908

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie.
Panning shot of New York Harbour. Cunard White Star offices on shore. Tugs pull ship away from shore. Passengers on boat wave to friends and relatives on the quay who wave back. Prominent in this shot is the Cunard White Star Limited shed. Small boat viewed from cruise liner. Two men negotiate the high seas with their oars. Panning shot of upper decks of the ocean liner. Panning shot of two commercial ships, one possibly an oil ship. Medium shot of a three funneled ship, possibly an ocean liner. Flag with U.S.M. (United States Mariners(?)) on it. Grainy and indistinct shot of New York skyline. Unusual two deck boat. Medium shots of Statue of Liberty and New York skyline. Panning shot of Brooklyn Bridge. New York skyline in closer detail as seen from Hudson River. Several panning shots. New York skyscrapers and brief views of streets below. Sign for 5th Avenue and West 42nd Street. New York bus and cars and taxis on West 42nd Street. Statue outside Lincoln Centre, New York. Fountain in Central Park. Further sreet scenes with cars in centre of New York. Panning shot of airstrip with good shot of aircraft. Washington Airport control tower. Government buildings in Washington including Capitol Hill. A black family walk across the street. Excellent street scenes with pedestrians crossing at a junction. Washington cabs or taxis, trams and policeman directing the traffic from a stationary post in the street. Good shots of the hustle and bustle in Washington, including the immense amount of car traffic. Ambulance. Coca-Cola advertising hoarding. Close-up of engine of steam train. General views of New York with Central Park in the background. Hudson or East River. These views possibly taken from Empire State Building. Chrysler Building amongst other skyscrapers is clear.
Worshippers outside Catholic(?) church in Canada. Large locomotive in museum. Train tracks, countryside, tugs, boats. Unidentified Canadian port with very grandiose castle, not unlike the Kremlin, situated on a hill. Very wealthy and well-dressed passengers with an assortment of male and female styles of clothing wait to wave off their friends at the quayside. Empress of Australia ship. Motorcars being lifted by pulley onto the ship to be stored in the hull. Pannnig shot of people waiting at quayside on Pier 20, most likely New York. Brief shot of Carinthia. Open sea with choppy waves. Empress of Australia berthed.

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