Film: 9909

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Amateur home movie.
Exterior of a house which looks distinctively like a house in Surrey. Panning shot of river banks with speedboat passing through left to right. 'Windsor Castle' riverboat full of people on a day out. River barges are towed down river by tug boats. Sluice gates at canal locks are opened. Interesting shot of sluice gates partially open. Above, an intricate wooden viewing station has been constructed. Picturesque punt with couple and swan. Speedboat towing skier. 'Goring' riverboat. Swans with their cygnets. Young man with distinctive 1930 swimming costume poses. Two crews of rowers race against each other. The children play near the water. Group shot with entire family and friends. Rosie Oxley (?) plays with a compass and pen. Waterside garden near River Thames. Girls visit Windsor Castle. Panning shots of the exterior of the castle. Guardsmen standing on sentry duty outside. The two family nurses hold the skipping rope for the young girls as they jump over. Young man dives into the river.

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