Film: 9916

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The Army Bureau Of Current Affairs
General footage of British army fighting in North Africa. Dramatised sequence of soldiers in a billet talking about rumours of a secret weapon - wireless flying bomb (sounds like the V1 - this film predates first V1 attack by a year). War Office in Whitehall. Army council decide to train men's minds as well as fighting skills. Creating the ABCA. Psychology of war and the soldier. General Sir Ronald F Adam in a meeting, he and another man discuss the name 'ABCA' in a very cursory fashion. Demonstration of discussion groups with rank and file soldiers and officers. Newspaper boards, information booklets. Forces radio with multiple choice quiz, stiff officer reads question, soldiers in nissan hut listen. Soldiers discuss Communist Russia and an earnest soldier wearing spectacles says it is up to us to take part in politics. Anglo- American Brains Trust show before soldier audience - discuss Lend-Lease. Objective view of the Nazi Soldier, don't underestimate the enemy. Why are we fighting and the awareness of democracy opposed to fascism. Film also looks ahead to end of war and role ex- soldiers will play.

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