Film: 9921

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A photographic record of fighting resistance in Palestine.
22nd of July 1946. Lead up to formation of Israel.

The bombing of the British headquarters at the King David Hotel, Jerusalem viewed from different angles. Thick smoke. People watching. Views of ruins inside and outside.
Archive footage inserts - a bombing of a huge building ( Warsaw ?) Concentration camp of Dachau, hundreds of dead lined up on the floor, people walking around the bodies. Jewish men carrying the dead, others walk with spades in their hands. German weapon is held in a hand. Thousands of dead, lined up in trenches before burial. Close up of the dead inside. A corpse on a trolley. Two people open the cremation chambers (stores) inside of which are skeletons. A prisoner sitting on a bench surrounded by hundreds of dead bodies. Close up of Mouselmen before liberations. Liberation armies carrying survivors into red cross trucks. More Mouselmen are carried out, close up of their desperate faces, an older survivor praying. Hundreds are carried out in open wooden coffins through a forest. Women and children carrying coffins too. They are all brought into a central place, rows of open coffins before burial. A crowd of people watching the dead. The survivors are marching on their way to Palestine. A horse and wagon overloaded. Hundreds of survivors with their small belongings on a train platform. An old lady eating. Children, baby crying, women carrying bags. An old lady's face, dozens marching seen from behind. World map, the journey to Palestine is shown.

Three British ships guarding the waters. A boat of survivors arrives. They are allowed to stay for twenty minutes until they are sent to a British concentration camp in Cyprus. Passengers are getting off the boat with their belongings, British troops on guard, passengers gathering in a central place. The young helping the old to get off the boat. A mother with her baby on shore. A view from above at the boat and the platform full of people. Two soldiers are pulling on a thick rope. Young men are carrying a dead body on to the platform. Some disembark on stretchers on their way to hospital. They are lying next to each other on the platform. Officials are checking documents of arrivals. People waiting. A guard at a watchtower. The passengers from his point of view, between barbed wires. Passengers are being led into a temporary residency in a concentration camp in Palestine. Children are looking out through the steel mesh. A small tank is placed next to the boat. A view from afar of someone resisting four soldiers violently. A man led by two soldiers suddenly lies down on the floor in protest. Passengers are being led on to a British ship to send them off to Cyprus, another concentration camp. Passengers turned prisoners behind steel mesh on the ship. The ship departs. The Cyprus camps already has 14,000 prisoners. In the camp signs of warning and direction. Tents, guards' towers, fences. The Hebrews living their lives here. Doing the washing, cleaning. Two British guards are walking on the path.

Tanks are spread on the shore. The boat is arriving. British troops surrounding the shore as prisoners arrive. A table for official documentation is laid. Prisoners waiting on the beach are huddled together. A view from the guards' standpoint. A rifle is pointing out through a pill box. Barbed wire (concertina) is pulled across a street by a group of soldiers in Jerusalem. Concertina is placed between the pavement and the road. A group of Orthodox Jews is standing behind the concertina in the street. A British guard is standing next to them. Now orthodox Jews are standing along the pavement looking at the military vehicles passing by. A man is buying eggs through the barbed wire. Military vehicles whizzing by civilians' homes. A British sergeant knocking at somebody's home making enquiries. Empty streets, tanks in town. A Patrol is marching. A sign says "No one is allowed beyond this point" A truck of the Red Cross arrives at a military checkpoint. A soldier checks the driver's papers. barrels partially block the road. The village commissioner and general speak to each other. An aircraft brings British war heroes to visit. Soldiers in line to welcome the guests. General Barker and other officers meeting a Muslim leader. The British flag. General Barker's face. Officers around him. All enter into vehicles.
A Jewish boy is carrying a big wooden box while struggling to cross over a concertina. A soldier stands next to him. A man comes to help the child. A street in Jerusalem. Civilians on either side behind the concertina. The British troops are in the middle. The Jews exchange words of protest between the sides of the street. A view of Jerusalem from a rood top. A bomb went off. The ruins. Soldiers clearing up the stuff from the ruins. Some climb on a ladder to reach for the top floor. Weapons are laid on the floor, a treasure of the Jewish underground was revealed. A view from above of the King David Hotel before the bomb. The wall and wires surrounding it. British troops preparing sandbags pile them up for protection. Soldiers perform body search at the entrance of the King David Hotel, a guard behind a closed gate.

King David Hotel now seen after the bombing. Soldiers clearing the place up with a crane, hose pipe and by hand. A smashed car from the bombing is examined. People walk past the ruins. Another bomb site. A train is off the rails on its side. Troops with spades are clearing the area next to the Jerusalem train station. Two fighters from the Jewish "Sole Solution" resistance movement are putting a notice up, warning the British of a revenge attack to come following the deportation of Jewish immigrants.
The resistance fighters are transmitting a radio message announcing their responsibility for the bombing of the Police Headquarters in Jaffa Street, Jerusalem. The site of bombing, police force all around, pan view of the area. British forces going on a search with dogs to find out who was responsible. They search the houses, the streets day and night. Artificial lighting in the night sky helps the search.
Those who have been arrested with suspicion are standing against the wall or taken away in open vehicles. men and women in prison. The prison yard seen from above. A close up snapshot of the hand of the resistance movement "The Sole Solution" is seen while we hear the text of his last protest before execution.
A series of shots from the various bombing sites we had already seen, finishing with a cloud of thick smoke.

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