Film: 9927

Politics | 1940 | Sound | B/W


This is a propaganda film made in 1948 when the state of Israel had just been established. It seems to be encouraging emigration, while censuring the war 1940's

Credits roll over the illustrated face of a man wearing a flat cap. A fanfare announces the start of the action and we see the silhouette of a lone horse rider and his dog, on a hill. Narrator gives the date as 14th May 1948. Shot of valley and kibbutz. Scan around buildings and focus on a young girl looking through binoculars. Several men put up a barbed wire fence. Guards with guns line up. Jewish leader at a conference of men in suits. Discussing the establishment of the Jewish state known as Israel. Shot of an open book. Narrator explains the spiritual, and national identity bound up in the existence of such a state. Cut back to conference and then to crowds on street. Many Star of David flags around. PM of Israel and various Ministers walk through the crowds. More star of David flags. Groups of children dance in a circle. Cut to adults doing likewise then a roomful of people dancing. Narrator- Jewish independence is a dream come true. Village seen in longshot. Explosion in centre - spire of smoke rises up. Close-up to a wall with billowing smoke around it, there is a sign for "Jewish agency of Palestine". Buildings gutted by bombs. People pick around in the ruined brickwork and debris. Narrator - the people who lived in the ruined area are now thought of as statistics. Cut to a crowded street. More bombed-out buildings and a child's toy buggy, squashed under some fallen masonry. Cut to a small, mournful boy laying on a bed.

Narrator - "innocence is twisted and broken". Cut to two men with guns in a high up area looking down, sniper style, at a grassy area where a truck full of soldiers pass the civilians on the street. =JOIN= Shows "men without conscience" - a group of men in fez hats in silhouette, shaking hands. Cut in with shots of homeless Jews begging or rummaging in the rubble. More burned out buildings. Cut to large, white buildings flying star of David flags. Cut to symbols of Israel's freedom - seen on a poster, a wall-hanging, and the hat of a young man. Cut to roomful of richly-dressed men. Soldiers practising drills "defending their tree of life against those who would give the land back to the desert". Soldiers mock fight. Map of area. Pan across city. Narrator discusses wars and the eternal nature of the Jewish people. Pan up to the tower of David representing the "earlier victory of Jews over their oppressors". Shots of city - "children of David carrying on the tradition of the shepherd boy who slew the giant Goliath". Young people tending to vines. City street. Military van goes down main street. "Peoples' Army" marching all of them armed. Army marching, shot from the back, then feet only shot from the front. Shot of city built into the hillside. Narrator - explains the soldiers' backgrounds. Female recruits gather outside a hut. Arabs in trenches with guns.

Narrator - Arabs are not seeking a war and "wish to live in harmony with their Jewish neighbours". Shot of city - "peaceful conquest of nature". Women in trenches possibly queuing for food. Group of male soldiers, sitting in the barracks, eating. Narrator - source of their unity is "the heart of Israel". Narrator - Israel's "family" occupies factories (shot of factory worker), the agricultural settlements (see a farmer) and is made of fishermen (see boat workers and the growing merchant marine). Large boat and smaller boat, both flying star of David flag. Man working in an office. Class of schoolchildren. Cut back to the illustration of the man seen at the beginning of the documentary. Narrator - founding of the "National Federation of Jewish Labour". Farmer hoeing and a plough raking the soil. Narrator - it takes courage to take back the land from the desert and the wastes of time. Fade into field of ripe corn. Cut to "ageless slums" and the contrast of the "bright modern homes". Woman seen mounting the steps of a plush, new house. Couple stroll in a landscaped garden "in a land that long forgot the smell of flowers". Man with walking stick viewed from behind in a barren patch of land. Narrator- explains how one would become a settler. Cut back to thriving village and a group of "kindred spirits" (all male) in conference round a table. Cut to barren land. Tall city buildings. Narrator - Workers' Bank willing to help finance settlements. Cut to large doors with men walking through in silhouette. Narrator - Agricultural Credit Union also helps financially and gives advice. Men previously seen around the table look pleased and rise from their seats. Cut to tractor and other agricultural machines. Houses being erected. Harvesting machine. Narrator - explains the various organisations and how they help the new settler (eg farming equipment, housing etc). Freshly ploughed field. "Farming Specialists" in a Hebrew University and the Weitzman Institute.

Various scientific experiments taking place, both male and female students. More agricultural equipment being used. Silhouette of soil being tipped out of a digger, next to a palm tree. Lots of children and adults "learning the way of the cooperative"- variously hoeing, planting or picking crops. Two children sit among the vegetable crops and eat freshly picked carrots. Long shot of the farm buildings. Inside women prepare vegetables in a large, industrial size kitchen. Outside - families sit at tables in a communal dining area. Scenes of kibbutz life - children eating and talking, women cooking, girls work huge clothes wringers, a roomful of children (approx five years) clean and polish furniture. Outside, children play freely. Children's' exercise class. Two children drink from a standpipe. Other, older children play basketball. Narrator - emphasises their freedom. Lots of children of all ages play in a swimming pool. Cut to a baby in a barred cot - pan out to reveal a number of such children being tended to by a nurse. Young adults walk happily past a large building and palm trees. See rows of trees and a large bail of corn or hay. Narrator- hard work will pay off in the future. Cut to men in headscarves herding cattle. Camera moves up to reveal whole city. Narrator addresses farmers and advises them to take their produce to cities and towns. See busy city street and a road sign to Tel Aviv. Double-decker buses drive past. Large buildings with advertising on the side. Many cyclists and traffic police in busy scene. Farmer's truck pulls up. Narrator - explains "farmers' co-op". See "modern, municipal market place" - interior of building and a number of vegetable stalls. People relax outside. New buildings being erected - scaffolding. People carrying bricks and unloading equipment. Building surrounded by rubble. Quarry is "hewing stone into shape". Various shots of a large industrial plant - big pipes, smoking chimneys, and workers shifting wood. Truck outside industrial works. Machine making glass and two men hold up finished sheet. Shots of completed houses all outside and shot from below. Two vans go down the street between two apartment blocks. The vans are carrying the workers- all in uniform (shirts and short trousers). Industrial settlement- chimneys smoking and large buildings. Happy workers canning vegetables. Tins on conveyer belts. See various stages of the canning process. Many shots of the "Shemen Olive Oil Processing Plant" - machinery and people operating it. Inside a mill - many looms and bails of material.

Close-up of looms, yarn and wool. Narrator - "Israel is the industrial capital of the middle east". Metal work at Vulcan - dark shot with glowing hot metal being poured. Outside to workers in the street. People working in an office. Narrator - co-operative assures good quality of life - provides education and culture. Poster on a wall. Printing presses roll. Man reading finished paper. Selection of magazines in Hebrew and Arabic. People queuing outside a theatre. Actors performing on stage. Narrator - the shows go on tour around all of the settlements. Hands flicking through a sports magazine. Young men doing high jump, sprinting and throwing. Hands flicking through similar journal featuring Israel's Air force. Two small aeroplanes being wheeled out of a hangar. One man manually starts the propeller. Cut to hospital grounds, a nurse pushes a man in a wheelchair. Inside, a doctor checks a boy. Dentists examining patients. Maternity hospital- baby in scales being weighed. Mother and baby. Many refugee children eat lunch at tables in dining area. Outside they sit in a grassy area. Clinic - a woman receives an injection. Cut to vacation camp. Outdoor chairs, tables and sun umbrellas. Many people sit around. A couple lounge in deckchairs. Lots of children on bicycles. Young men in classroom - vocational training. Young men working lathes. Young men in Jerusalem at drawing boards learning precision engineering and chemistry. Tel Aviv classroom, boys are seen learning automotive engineering. Crowd. Set of scales. Large boat, flying Star of David flags. Narrator - people migrating from other countries. People milling around the dock and the deck of the boat. Narrator- everyone given a chance to work in Israel. Groups of happy people contribute to the general good. Van loads of newcomers. Pan around desert. Steel drills probing for hidden water supplies. Temporary shelters built around wells. Men building irrigation works. Digging - Jews and Arabs together. Agricultural equipment making a trench. Pipes being laid. Large pipe pumps out water. Pan around thirty settlements. Young women planting. Men sitting around. Woman tending to a baby. Green fields. Back to ruined buildings seen earlier. Soldiers with guns. Narrator - "no one will turn them from their historic path". Marching soldiers. Soldiers sneaking into a building. Soldiers on battlements.

Smoking building in foreground. Fires in settlements. Happy soldiers walking towards the camera. Children's faces cut to soldiers. Narrator- children raised to be soldiers as well as citizens. Builders constructing a house, then building barricades. Men at the foundry making armoured trucks. Transport workers from work vans now seen driving armoured cars. Van goes along a path through a green area. Health centre now full of soldiers. Soldiers strolling, playing chess, relaxing. Men carrying large stones. Teepee huts. Narrator - social construction will begin again when the war ends. Photos of famous leaders. Soldiers and civilians marching behind star of David flag. Narrator - brave Americans who came and fought for Israel (some are shown in portrait or in action). More armed soldiers. More bombed-out buildings, inside and out. Young girl's face. Man driving agricultural machine. Men digging irrigation trench. Man in foundry. Farmers on a donkey-led cart. Farming settlement. Tower of David and surrounding settlement. Barren desert. Narrator - "Israel is a land and a people freedom bound". Ends on same illustration as beginning.

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