Film: 9929

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A tourism promotional film featuring Spain, particularly the coastal resorts, Switzerland, Gibraltar, and coastal Yugoslavia 1960's

Typical holiday tourist promotional film with perfect sunny weather, beautiful mostly young people, good beaches, fine food and dining, luxury hotels, and some local traditions and crafts. Each destination is introduced by an unseen tourist who is writing a postcard with the phrase "Wish your were here."

Aerial view of modern 1960's passenger jet. Hands are holding a postcard with the photo of a jet, it is turned over and the words "wish your were here" are hand-written on the back of the postcard which also has a BEA logo. The postcard is put aside to expose an airline meal table, which holds a small liquor bottle and a glass with ice and lemon, a hand pours a can of mixer into the glass. An airline steward in uniform announces lunch to the unseen passenger. He turns the postcard over and places it on the airline meal table. There BEA jet is seen flying through the sky. A close up view of the jet with BEA logo and Union Jack on side of the plane. The pilot, co-pilot and navigator are flying the plane, moving the controls and wearing headphones and uniforms. The hands pick up the postcard again, and the bottle and glass and an air stewardess' hands deliver a food tray, a large and colourful meal. The narrator makes patronising remarks concerning the female air steward as she is shown serving the meal to another male passenger. The narrators hands are seen removing the stainless steel cutlery from it packaging and preparing to eat.

The female flight attendant's hands are seen removing a tray from the plane's galley kitchen compartment, and the hostess lifting the tray. The flight attendant carries the food trays from the kitchen down the aisle of the plane and serving them to a male and female passenger. There are four food trays with food and the attendant is placing a glass on each one. There is a close up of the captain, wearing headphones and a microphone and speaking.

Spain - There is a baggage ticket and a map which is picked up, the camera moves from England down to Spain. There is a beautiful sunny scene of mountainous coastal Majorca. A beach has umbrellas on the sand, a grass strip, and mountains in the background. The thatched umbrellas have beach towels thrown on them, and people are talking or sitting on the beach chairs, and there is a yacht sailing in the distance. A stone wall, blue water, sand, thatched umbrellas and bathing-costumed men and women walking or sitting on the beach chairs enjoying the sun make a perfect beach scene. Two attractive young women wearing fluffy bathing caps walk with a young good-looking male down to the water and dives in after wading out to a safe depth. There are thatched umbrellas in the foreground with a sailing yacht in the distance.

Another beach scene has umbrellas, sun chairs, trees, rocky outcrops, a motor yacht moving across the bay. Bikini clad women are lying on the sand, or on towels sun baking. Women are leaving the water, and walking towards a male, a moored boat is in the background. A young woman is lying on a very rocky beach wearing a bandanna scarf and a bikini, sun baking in the bright sunshine. There is a luxurious white washed house built high above the sea on a rocky outcrop with a luxury yacht moored below in the azure sea and a man in a dinghy moving out to the yacht. A male and female in smart summer dress are moving up the cliff path and they turn and look out to sea, a rocky island the near distance and trees and shrubs are in the foreground. A motor boat is seen pulling a male water skier across a beautiful blue sea, the camera pans and shows a modern resort with several high rises on the beach, jetties, boats and a long strip of sandy beach with many people, and behind the main strip of buildings on the beach open land, and treed hills in the distance.

Palma is shown from the air. The old city and cathedral is seen from the docks. A couple with a car are seen on a wharf speaking to another male with yachts and fishing boats tied to the dock, the water is blue and the city with palm tree is in the background.

The North coast of Spain is seen with a small sunny rocky bay with fairly rough seas, rocky outcrops are in the background as the bay sweeps around, the beach has sun bathers and swimmers in the foreground. A central pastoral area of Spain is seen with traditional rural Spanish dancers in colourful costumes perform in front of a group of traditional musicians before a crowd of seated tourists. A close up shows peasant dressed and veiled female dancers and one male dancer twirling to the music. The mountains provide a backdrop for another shot of the dancers. The rows of seated tourists watch the dancers. A short sequence of scenes as the dancers finish, curtsey and are clapped by the tourists.

The Costa Brava is shown with very few houses but some small holiday complexes set among the scrubby vegetation, with small rocky outcrops and blue seas, yachts and small tourist leisure craft moored in the sandy cove, with small buildings on the little beach. A red speed boat is pulling a water skier, and a young male is sailing a yacht in the foreground. People are enjoying the various tourist water craft including a rowing boat, an inflatable dinghy with paddles and motor boats. Several young people launch a paddle boat form the beach.

A sign announces Aiguablava, and a little street with people walking and a car drops down the hill. A family in beach hats and bathing costumes or shorts and shirts walk across the crowded beach and carry ball buckets and umbrella. Two men carry an inflatable dinghy. A male is paddling a seated female in a long thin paddling leisure craft. A northern coastal fishing village with a little cove and a beach attracts many tourists, there are cliff-hugging house in the background and leisure water craft and fishing boats in the water and on the sand. A group of young tourists are getting out of the little paddling water craft at the waters edge. Young attractive tourists are at the bar up the few steps from the sand. A waiter serves drinks to a table full of bathing costume clad young tourists. Women in bikinis are lying sunbathing in the sun.

A modern resort with two blue swimming pools with decking and umbrellas on different levels of the cliff and the little concrete jetty on the waters edge at the very bottom of the cliff all have sunbathers and swimmers enjoying the sun. Tourists walk from one level to another down the steps. Another scenes of the same resort shows a large resort with pools in the foreground tourists swimming and playing under the manmade swimming pool waterfall. People are sitting on a grassy bank on beach towels and snubbing, on the edge of a steep cliff and the sea below. A tanned young woman in a bikini lying on an inflatable mattress applies sunscreen. Young people are snubbing and relaxing and enjoying the hot sun group of young attractive people are at the top of the cliff with the sea below. A large white hotel built has a big car park in the foreground. Doves coo in a dove house, built in the whitewashed style of Spanish houses with a terracotta tiled roof.

There are old whitewashed Spanish houses in a seaside resort. In the warm dry interior of Spain we see a high view of tiled terracotta roofs of an older village in the country. There is a scene of a rural village and surrounding countryside with olive groves and terraced vineyards and bare dry mountains raising in the background.

Granada palace rises in the distance, with cottages and houses outside the city walls in the foreground. The Alhambra is viewed through a stone archway. A beautiful Moor-inspired pooled garden is seen through two elegant stone arches, and long slim tall tress frame the scene. The formal gardens of the Granada Palace. A circular water feature has a fountain. Tourists are in the bright sun filled courtyard and in the shady cloisters and cool stone walkways which are mosaic decorated. A part of the palace in reflected in a shimmering dark indoor pool, and tourists appear in the reflection. There is a view of the Court of the Lions and its many fountains.

The extraordinarily expressive hands of a female Spanish flamenco dancer are in close-up. Here follows quite a long sequence of two female Spanish flamenco dancers, with one dressed as a male and both in beautiful costumes, performing several dances, with a trio of guitarist musicians and before a group of seated and clapping tourists in the cellar tavern of a hotel. One tourist smokes a pipe.

A small traditional hotel on the Costa del Sol has a bell over its entrance and black ornate iron railings at the windows, a terracotta tile roof and paths. A young female tourist walks in her swimming costume and carries a towel along the cool shady arched stone walkway, which along with verandas, patios and pot plants separate the hotel rooms from the lawns and gardens. In contrast is a large modern complex with 1960's architecture and a big round swimming pool with semicircular line of tall flagpole at its rear, with colourful umbrellas and the sea in the distance. A white coated waiter serves cocktails to glamorous young tourists who are sitting in the shallow steps of the swimming pool. The tourists enjoy their cocktails.

There is a sequence of young children enjoying the water slide and diving board in the pool and a mother watching. A female golfer tees off, dressed in golf gear but barefoot, the blue sea is close in the distance as the teeing -off green is at the top of a cliff. The female golfer and her four male partners are on the green and she hits her ball into the hole.

A resort has thatched umbrellas on the beach, a motor boat in the water with couple and driver, the woman enters the water with skis. Woman is pulled up onto water skis and there is relatively undeveloped beach and land in the background. There is a modern 1960's rectangular high rise Silverwing Hotel. The scene includes the hotel tennis courts, path to the swimming pools and beach both in which tourists play in the water. A sun baking woman watches two men play table tennis, the pools and the high rise hotel are in the background. Young female sun bakers enjoy the sun. A young girl winds a street organ. A sequence follows of young people around the organ beside the pools drinking cocktails and smoking in the sun.

There is a family seated at a table of a very nice open walled restaurant with gardens, the formally dressed waiters provide silver table service. The bikini-clad daughter spreads a napkin on her lap and is served soup. The waiter garnishes the soup. The wine steward then prepares sangria and this involves a sequence of shots as he mixes the ingredients serves it, the family taste it and are seen to be approving. A waiter brings a large paella dish to the table. Another waiter brings a big fruit platter.

Switzerland - A view of snow-topped mountains. Swiss cottages amidst grass covered hills are in the foreground, with snow-covered mountains behind, so it is summer, a twirling postcard stand is seen and a hand reaches for and selects one of the many postcards that reflect the location. The hand writing on the postcard says "Wish you were here." There is a Swiss flag waving in the breeze. A BEA Trident aeroplane taxis along the Zurich airport tarmac. There are people waving from the small terminal balcony and above them is the sign "Zurich". People disembark down the mobile into the sunshine. Women wearing hats and gloves and men in suits alight the airport bus. The Zurich Airport bus pulls away and the airport ensign is seen on its side.

A view of Zurich with old buildings and a church spire and the river on which there are pleasure craft. There is a railways line with houses and snow-capped mountains in the background, the electric train moves through the station. The sign for Interlaken West Station is shown, with people with suitcases arriving. The gushing white water of a mountain stream surrounded by trees appears. There is a field of beautiful sun flowers in the sunshine. Yellow wildflowers contrast with the snow-covered mountains. There are yellow wild orchids. A view of prolific gold and white wild flowers amidst the grasses.

Walkers in hiking boots are seen walking down a mountain path, through an alpine village past a little wooden church. Trekkers are walking up a stony mountain path. A traditionally dressed woman with two children stroll the alpine path between grazing dairy cows who wear bells around their necks. There is a picturesque scene of the little family in traditional alpine costume in the fields. The mountains to the rear are in a mist, the timber mountain cottage is pictured and an Swiss alpine costumed man is blowing a long Swiss mountain horn. The light tan cows look on. There is a close up of the man blowing on the long alpenhorn. There is a long shot of the man with a dramatic mountain backdrop.

There is a snow-covered mountain that looks like the Matterhorn. A little girl in traditional costume picks wildflowers in a beautiful sunny mountain field. There is a close up of the gorgeous colours of the flowers. The little girl with blond hair and freckles walks towards the camera and gives the flowers to the unseen narrator. The posy of flowers is seen on a red and white checked table cloth on an outdoor table with apparatus and ingredients of an outdoor fondue lunch. There are people seated at the table in the sunshine with the mountains in the background.

A sequence of picturesque scenes including a Swiss alpine village and a church. A beautiful and old stone bridge. A tree-lined road. Moving out of a dark tunnel mountain pass above the snowline the bright summer sunshine shows a great deal of snow. Cars are winding around he snowy mountain pass. Walls of snow several feet high are on either side of the road. There is snow on the mountains. There is a picturesque scene of houses and greenery in a valley surrounded by high mountains.

Coffee is poured into a cup of an elegant table setting, served on a sunny balcony of a lakeside hotel, with the pretty lake and mountains as a backdrop. Sugar is put into the coffee. A hand selects a croissant. There is a view of the lake in Lucerne with Mount Pilatus in the background. A man is shown filming. There is a view of the musician Wagner's house on the shore of the lake. Tourists wear sun hats. Pilatus Bahn Railway Station sign is shown. The mountain railway car moves off. There is a scene from mountain railway drivers window looking up the steep mountain rail track. There is an inside view of the mountain railway car with a tourist filming the view. The car moves up the step track. There is a view of the track and the mountains from the drivers window. There is a view from the top of Mount Pilatus, a panorama of stony, partly snow-covered mountains and tow railway cars winding up the steep mountain side. In the sunshine, the mountains are snow-covered. A team of huskies pull a sled which holds a young tourist couple, a sled leader is behind. The Eiger River is seen with a Swiss flag in the foreground and tourists. There is a jet stream in the blue sky.

Gibraltar - A postcard is shown with the acronym WYWH (Wish You Were Here) hand-written, it is turned over and there is a picture of Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar with airport buildings are visible as a BEA jet lands on the runway. An airport employee waving paddles directs the jet as it taxis. Passengers disembark down the mobile stairs. A busy old narrow winding street in the main part of the city has street cafes and umbrellas, a horse drawn tourist coach, taxis and cars. A Moroccan man in a fez and caftan-type garment walks in the street with tourists. There are street cafes with people sitting at tables under the shade of umbrellas. People are at a hotel swimming in the sun. The Silverwing hotel in Gibraltar has a cable car nearby that goes to the top of the Rock. Tourists are seen entering the cable car . The car moves up the cable. There are two views of the car moving upwards. A halfway stop shows a tourist couple looking at an ape which is sitting on the bonnet of a parked car. There is a sequence of the ape and the tourists looking at each other.

The cable car is moving up gain, and the scene as the people in the car look back down the vertical drop. People are alighting the car. The Gibraltar flag waves in the breeze. The tourist couple move up the outside stairs of the modern building at the top of the cable car ride. The couple go into the restaurant. Tourists look out o f the restaurant window with is sea views and the Rock of Gibraltar looming next to them. Tourists on the open top of the building looking through coin operated binoculars, to the Rock and out to see and down to the bay. The view down to the hotel at the bottom is almost vertical at the bottom of the cliff. There is a view of Catalan Bay, a tourist beach, sea water, swimming pool and resorts, and sun bakers and tourists. Rocky cliffs, clear blue water and a mother and child in a row boat provide the setting for a man snorkelling. There are two water skiers who sweep around Catalan Bay, the city and the Rock of Gibraltar lie in the background.

There is the Union Jack fluttering as the cable car begins its descent. Tourists look through the coin operated binoculars on the top of the cable car building. Europe Point is shown with its lighthouse. There is an evening scene of sunset and the lights of a luxury liner move across the water.

Yugoslavia - A hand held written postcard with the words "Wish you were here". A view of Dubrovnik with a group of young people in traditional dancing costumes looking out over the roof tops. The folk dancers are dancing their traditional dances, and there are several scenes as the male and females dance to the accompanying traditional folk musicians in a stone walled square. General scene of beautiful Dubrovnik again from roof top, of the old city and the sea in the background. A view from a treed outcrop looking back over the harbour, the open sea and the old stone city. Dubrovnik is a beautiful mediaeval stone city with small water craft on the harbour which bask in the sunshine. The fortress gates have people walking through the stone walkway. Women in modern dress carry large baskets on their heads walk with tourists through the stone streets. A stone city walkway with a beautiful ornate house door is and street light fittings and iron railings. Picturesque old streets and people strolling. Detail of old stone buildings are shown. A wide elegant street with only pedestrians and modern blue awnings is seen through an arched walkway.

Women in traditional costume are in a city market. There are many fruits and vegetables in the bright sun. A peasant lady wearing a headscarf is selling fruit and vegetables. There is a city square with tourists, tables and chairs and many pigeons. A young tourist couple are looking at handbags in the city market. There is a close-up of the cane handbags. Traditional woven squares are displayed on the sold stone pavement. The stall holder is showing the female tourist a woven square and traditional fez type hat which he puts on her head. There is a close up of the woman as she smiles. While she is wearing the hat her partner takes a photo of her. Pigeons are seen on the old stone fountain. There is a shot of a man swimming in crystal clear blue sea water. The city beach had many people and the walls of the old fortress city rise out of the sea in the background. There is a close up of sunbathers. There are women swimming in the sea water. A naked child plays in the shallows.

A couple sit at a table on the restaurant balcony which has wonderful views of the sea and the cliffs, and are served by a waiter. The waiter wears a dinner suit in the sun. There is a close-up of the platter of food. A elegant outdoor restaurant with a shade roof which keeps off most of the bright sun has many people seated at a large number of tables. A BEA plane is seen landing. A clock shows the time as 5.20. Passengers are disembarking from the BEA plane and descend the mobile stairs, and walk across the tarmac. There is a wonderful view of the Adriatic Coast road, a scenic winding coastal road, with mountains and cliffs. There is a picturesque old stone church in the sun by the roadside and more scenery of cliffs and mountains on this road. A BEA Road Service sign marks where a tourist bus parks in an old fishing village south of Dubrovnik, it is an old stone fort town with church spire and palm trees.

There is a scenic view of a city on the sea or lake with modern roads winding tortuously around the mountains. Another beautiful old stone fishing village with mountains in the background. A view of an inland city with Islamic mosque minaret. A three hundred year old exquisitely designed Turkish bridge is shown - Mostar Bridge. A young man jumps off the bridge 70 feet into the river water below.

There is a shot of a row of beautiful old brightly painted but delightfully faded three storey houses in a stone street. A coppersmith beats a circular copper plate with a pointed instrument and a small hammer. There is a close up of the handsome young mans face with beautiful warm lighting from the copper reflection. There are examples of the several crafts, metal, ceramic, china and traditional dolls. A market scene in the street with tourists and locals in traditional dress includes a lady with a wimple type hat. Two elderly women in black dress with white wide folded head gear like old fashioned nuns are on their way to church. They enter the church through a door. Two old men also in traditional costume and shoes remove their fez type hat before they enter the church. A lady in the market is making fine crocheted tablecloths.

An older lady with a headscarf is serving traditional Turkish coffee on a tray to two men outdoors, one a miller covered in flour and the other a farmer. The men enjoy their coffee. There is a close up of the smiling lined and tanned face of the old woman. A cat looks from the nearby rocks. The farmer is seen taking his ground flour over two pack horses away and the little very old stone mill beside the stream is visible.

There is a view of the tiny city island of St Steven, which is joined to the mainland by a causeway, and a beach with bright umbrellas and bathers is on the side of the causeway. There is a view of the stone walkways of the exquisite little city with shops and plants. Girls in shorts look out an upper floor window into the sun-filled streets below. A family is seated at an outdoor restaurant which overlooks the sea, a waiter brings a trolley of sea food including lobster. There is a sequence of the family talking and admiring the platter of seafood.

Tourists are looking down from the hotel to the crystal clear water in which the underwater rocks are visible, and rowing boats and other pleasure craft are in the water, and four young people are enjoying the sunshine and water. Silhouetted tourists look down through the wrought iron balcony to the water as they write letters home at the little table in their room. A girl is floating on an inflatable sun bed in the crystal clear blue water, there is a little jetty and a row boat in view, a delightful water scene. An island of St Steven sunset.

A beautiful young woman, lying on a sun lounge beside a swimming pool and near the beach, turns her face to the bright sun. There is a serene misty view of the mountains as a silent boat glides over a lake in the foreground. A young man paddles a surf-board-like watercraft with his girlfriend on it in the bright sun in gorgeous blue sea water. There is a close up of a BEA brochure which shows the same young couple paddling in is front picture. A BEA plane takes off. An air hostess watches it ascend. There is a view from the ground as the plane flies overhead.

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