Film: 9932

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Promotion of the nuclear power industry as a career via the interviews of a reactor physicist (Philip Butcher), the nuclear power station store keeper (Harry Izzard), an engineer (Susan Matthews), and a senior technician (Alan Kerswell) 1970's

An orchestra practice takes place inside a physics laboratory! An atomic power station on a coast, in the UK A car arrives at the power station - Berkeley? The inside of the power station's control room. Two scientist working or researching on atomic fuel. Two other scientist are working on safety. Another scientist works on environmental effects. A few scientists play together in an orchestra. Philip Butcher, a reactor physicist walks with his wife or girlfriend. They are interviewed outside a pub in Dorset, a castle is visible behind them. Views of Butcher working in various parts of the nuclear power station. Butcher is now being interviewed inside his office. Shots of the reactor room. Another view of Butcher being interviewed. Butcher is explaining the differences between a conventional power station and an atomic power station, he also shows a model of a nuclear reactor. Back to Butcher being interviewed outside the pub in Dorset. More views of Butcher working in his office. Close up of photos of Butcher's baby. Close up of Butcher smiling. Butcher playing the flute while his wife or girlfriend plays the piano. Close up of the baby. Butcher and wife playing music together. Butcher is taking photos of his wife and baby by the sea. Close up of the baby smiling. Close up of sea waves breaking on the beach. Harry Izzard, the nuclear power station's metal store keeper, catches a bus, his wife waves him goodbye. View of Harry Izzard working in the metal store. Harry Izzard is interviewed in his living room. More views of Izzard working in the metal store and in his little office, he talks to a man in his office who has a complaint about his hand. View of Izzard meeting with Union Officials. Izzard walks through a tree lined path leading to a car park, here he talks to a woman in a white lab coat, they get into a white jeep.

Another view of Izzard being interviewed in the living room. More views of Izzard in his working environment. Izzard is also involved in football and he also has a farm, he ploughs the soil with a tractor. Cows eating hay in a farm. Izzard goes home after work in the nuclear power station. Susan Matthews, an engineer is swimming in a swimming pool. Matthews is interviewed in her office at the nuclear power station. Views of Matthews working in the power station. General view of the outside of the reactor building. The outside view is shown from Matthews office. Matthews is sitting on her desk being interviewed. A general view of the reactor room. More shots of Matthews going about her job, she goes to inspect engineering plans. Matthews playing squash. Matthews working in her office. Matthews playing squash. Matthews working in the library. Close up of Matthews face, she looks happy. Matthews riding a motorbike. A brass band plays in a park. Alan Kerswell, senior technician says goodbye to his wife, he goes to work on a bicycle, he cycles through lovely country roads. Kerswell is interviewed in his garden. Kerswell in his work environment (he does remote control testing). Close up of Kerswell's face while he performs a remote control test. Close up of the equipment used for remote control tests. Kerswell is in his garden. More shots of Kerswell in his working environment. Kerswell is checking himself for radiation. Kerswell walking his dog. Kerswell in the garden. A brass band is assembling to play in a park, the conductor is giving the brass band instructions. Close up of Kerswell, who also plays in the brass band. The brass band is playing, several close ups of the players. Kerswell in his garden. Brass band playing on a park outside a church.

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