Film: 9933

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Summary: Film advertising five South Wales Docks. Some very nice sunset shots to counter the other industrial scenes 1970's

Slow pan across a murky but calm sea or ocean . Large ship in the distance . Aerial shots of ship . Title : Five welcomes in Wales . Close up on statue outside an old (town hall type) building in South Wales . It has a clock tower, columns , red brick and stone . Men get out of cars in front of it . They are port managers, middle-aged men in suits . The enter the building up the stone steps. Violent red sunset over the sea . Bow of H R MacMillan sailing up the Severn Estuary to Newport , South Wales . Pan back to see whole ship in silhouette . Man's hands operating steering gear of boat . Sailor's face and early 1970's haircut . Bow of ship going through water . Long shot of whole ship ( 594 feet from bow to stern ) Man's hand operating ship's telegraph. Long shot of cargo of timber at the rear of the ship . Red sunset behind it.
Small car (Ford escort ?)on the M4 motorway ( main holidaymaker's route from London to South Wales ). He drives under an overpass . Close up on front windscreen sticker . Pan out to see whole family in car, en route to Ireland , via Newport . Car pulls away from camera . The boot is slightly ajar because it is overstuffed . Two boat workers on the lock of the McMillan . Tug boat pulling the McMillan into dock , still framed by red sky . Captain examining a map at his desk . Pan around Swansea port in South West Wales. Port Talbot - no ships , just jetty and seawall . Aerial shot of the working port of Barry . Large marina and several large ships docked . Cardiff's dock . Large and complex commercial ships and private yachts berthed . Newport again. Aerial shot. Red town hall building shot at a distance from the air. Fade into ' Board meeting ' shot . All the managers sit around a large table in an oak panelled room. Maps are pasted up on one of the walls. There is a very large fireplace behind the main speaker . Managers take notes . Truck up on a pylon - type of structure ( scaffold ?) tips coal down a chute in Welsh coalmine . Articulated lorry carries steel to dock . Steel sheets lifted on to ship by a large crane directed by a man in a cloth hat. Steel rods lifted up by crane. Man operating crane - shot from inside his booth. His point of view of fruit being unloaded from the hull of a ship. Fruit being set down in a warehouse. Dockers remove ropes and chains from fruit packaging. Docker forklifts fruit. Inside warehouse - it's huge and full of imported produce . Long shot of dock - cranes and ships and warehouse.
Large black suction tube draws up grain from a large silo inside a ship docked at Barry(?). Pigeons on roof of nearby building wait for spillages. Pan up large industrial building.
Ford Escort car on motorway. Bored kids read comics in the back. Escort stops in the car park of the Severn Bridge Motorway Service station and the family get out. Severn Bridge can be seen in the background with three flags flying on the edge of the carpark - Welsh Dragon, Union Jack and flag of J. Arthur Rank.
Lots of very red timber being unloaded at Newport. Dockers and forklift trucks all around. Dock seen in distance through boardroom window. Discussion continues inside. Manager in hard hat and docker walk along the quayside together. Wood being unloaded behind them. Similar timber terminal at Cardiff. Wood loaded onto the backs of lorries. Pan around stacks of aluminium bars in storage. Large storage facility marked " Volkswagen ". Car park full of VW cars. Man operating crane and putting goods on a British Rail freight liner. Hapag-Lloyd lorry crosses the Severn Bridge. M4 motorway - shot from inside a moving car - driver's point of view. Lingering shot of the sea. Large liner pumping bilge out. Flags denoting nationalities of ships, e.g. Sweden and England. Aerial shot of town hall building with cranes behind it. Slow pan back. Cut to dock activity - people on private yachts. Cut to outside Swansea terminal for Irish Car ferry. Quite uninspiring building. Ford Escort pulls up outside. Cut to girl child drinking from a plastic cup. People in the waiting area (old folks wear brown). Liner outside. Seagull makes a lot of noise. Large waves crash against a rocky shore.
Ship " Trentwood " going slowly towards the navigational lights of Port Talbot harbour. Pan across the length of the vessel. Its huge. Tug pulls Trentwood into dock. Trentwood docks slowly. Large white control building on quayside. Crane cab suspended on scaffold. Crane arms picking up 20 tonnes of iron ore from the hold. Cut to Swansea ferry arriving. Guard (marshal) gives the signal for cars to begin boarding. Ticket inspector stops the Escort. The driver is wearing a bright pink cardigan - I don't think this was very well advised! He can't find his tickets. A queue forms behind him and horns beep. Tickets are found and all is saved.
Cut to sunset across water. Dock buildings seen in silhouette. Solo male in flared trousers stands on the pebble beach and throws stones into the sea. Small yachts anchored at sea. Red sky behind them. Pretty sunset scenes. Cut to four bright lights on top of a building at Port Talbot at night. Crane and scaffold can be seen in silhouette unloading a ship. Daylight. Crane drops metal ore through a grating onto a conveyor belt (Port Talbot). Steel works at Port Talbot - aerial shot of chimneys and grotty industrial buildings.
Seaspeed Ferry at port. Articulated lorry boards (Roll on roll off). Geest lorry with banana imports in the back. Swansea. Large metal pipes carrying oil and petrochemicals between ships. Town hall building exterior. Meeting inside. One man stands and gestures to the maps on the board behind him. Section of quite barren coast he is talking about. Smoking chimneys and industrial works (Swansea). Land not under development - barren. Rolling fields right up to shoreline. Grey sea next to them. Timber on lorries pulling away. MacMillan leaving Newport dock. Wood lorries on motorway. New ship being towed in by tug. End credits.

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