Film: 9934

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Family planning and the issues around population in the Third World 1970's
People walking on the street. Babies crying. Lots of buses and cars. An old woman walking near a building. Poor people and their houses are shown, then normal houses and big buildings. Lots of children together in a street. Close up of children. Different people walking in different busy streets. Close up of people. Close up of the floor. Different people appear. A poor man is eating on the floor. Children eating. Girl playing on the street and some children sleeping there.
Lady Ram Rau - First President Family Planning Association of India, is speaking. Images of poor people sleeping on the busy street where people are walking.
Dr Ruben Apelo - President, Family Planning Organization of the Philippines is speaking. Images of poor people and their houses. Jack Kisa, Ministry of Economic Planning Republic of Kenya is speaking. Images poor houses and the people who live there. Poor people walking. Poor bus and poor people. A modern train and good houses and buildings. Buses and people in a busy street. Close up of children speaking in school, reading a book. Close up of a sick woman in a health Centre, then more women are shown. Nurses are taking care of them. Then pregnant women appear. Lots of people are waiting outside to go in. People are walking in a street with lots of cars. Poor places are shown. Children playing, some are eating. There is not enough food for all of them. Poor children show us their world. People are eating on the street. People walking with their children to Nairobi City Council Health Centre. Some go to Karumi Health Centre. A poster saying "Plan your family before it's too late." Another one says "Family Planning means helping mothers and children to be strong and healthy." Some posters says "Planifique su familia. Cuanto hijos desca usted?" Spanish for Plan your family - How many children do you want to have?
People are in Family Planning Clinic. Family Organization of the Philippines. People are there with their children. A woman is teaching others how to do it by showing some pictures. Dr Gonalo Echevemmy Pana Executive Director Profamilia Colombia is speaking. A doctor is peaking and writing Dr Fitzroy Joseph IPPF - Kenya is speaking. A woman is being examined, the man is talking again. Lots of people are waiting with their children to go to Health Centre. Dr Claude Nystrom IPPF Kenya, is speaking. He is explaining to a woman what to do (?) A woman speaks, then a man. Dr Z onyango from the Ministry of Health, Republic of Kenya is speaking. Important people speaking at different times in different places. Images of women. A car on the road. A poster says "Over Population - It's everybody's problem." Images of people, buses, buildings. A poster says "Crowded? Overpopulation. It's your problem too. Support planned parenthood." Posters say "Keep your family the right size", "Here to help you with birth control - coja uno y digasclo a sus amigos" (Spanish for "Take one and tell your friends".
"Nearly four billion people inhabit this earth of ours. Our numbers keep growing , the resources of the earth remain finite. Eventually somehow, this growth will be brought to a halt. Either soaring growth rates will lead to famine, disease, social chaos and war or we, the peoples of the earth, may choose consciously to engage in careful planning. The planned parenthood organisations around the world are committed to the belief that, given the information and the opportunity to govern their own fertility, people will choose to restrict the number of their children consistent with their well being and that of society. If we in planned parenthood succeed in our mission, the quality of individual lives will improve and mankind will avoid a collision with destiny" Alan F Guttmacher, M.D. president, Planned Parenthood - World Population.

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