Film: 9937

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Timber logs down mountain slope, splashing into a river. Opening titles with still of mountain top enveloped in cloud 1950's

View of small town Foca in Bosnia, formerly Yugoslavia form mountain hill top, lying on the river Drina. Overhead shots of mosque and minaret house rooftops. Close-up shots of mosque and minaret. Camera pans over the roof of the mosque. A manicured 'peasant' hand picks up an item of jewellery from table top. Three peasant women in traditional dress (including headscarves) decide on which jewellery to purchase. Another peasant woman (similarly dressed) buys silver dish from market trader wearing a fez. Three men in traditional dress (presumably Bosnian-Muslim and Bosnian Serb) sit in the sunshine, drinking Turkish coffee and smoking cigarettes. A trader sells ready made food to waiting market customers (in non-peasant attire). A man eases hit foot into a sandal shoe, helped by the shoemaker sitting at the front of his shops. Various market scenes follow: peasant man weighs and hands over a string bag full of peppers to woman; peasant woman in headscarf fastens something onto her saddle; peasant women examine market goods for purchase.

Men walk their horses through the market crowd, making their way up steps and out of the town into the hilly countryside. They stop to ask directions from peasant woman looking over her grazing cattle. The men ride off and cross a flimsy structure of a bridge. They continue to slowly ride up into the mountains. Panoramic view of river below. The men ride past a few old graves in the mountains. Men tend to their flocks of sheep on mountain Zelengora, covered in rich grassland. The silhouetted horsemen continue their journey up the mountain. From the mountaintop the camera pans over the forests and glacier lakes.

Various shots of the men on horseback moving slowly up the mountain. They enter a thickly wooded area, until arriving at a big log cabin. Here they sit down at the outside table where one of them drinks from a bottle. Shots of overhanging branches of forest. Two men in rifles and uniform (forest guards) lead men through thick forest and over a stream. They stop to look at a large old tree. From amongst the branches, hanging from a line, block of wood descend down from the mountain. Men unhook the wood, which have just been cut by lumberjacks with motor saws.

Teams of oxen drag the timbers through the forest. A tractor pulls a large timber. Timber descends down the steep slopes by way of funicular railway. A locomotive carries a timber load further down the mountain, through gorges and across a bridge. Overhead shot of river Tara and floating timber logs. Timbres roll down the hill slide and splash into the river. The locomotive arrives at the saw mill. A line of men with axes push a timber down the slope into the river. Close-up of timber floating down the fast flowing river. Inside shot of the saw mill with men working.

Meanwhile the three horsemen walk their horses up the steep and now treeless mountain top. As the exertions of the journey take their toll, the men take their shirts off. A succession of interact shots follow, featuring a flowing river with floating logs (close-up); a saw mill in action; horses being led up the rocky mountain top terrain; lumberjack stands in the fast flowing river and is held from behind by work-mate so he can maintain his balance whilst easing a log jam. Close-up of industrial saw cutting wood; feet of two lumberjacks run across log in water; saw mill workers deliver the finished planks of wood into the storage area where they are stacked high. Men skilfully drift the wood downstream to the saw mill, jumping from log to log.

Train carrying the sawn timber makes its way over a bridge. Wide angle shot revealing timbers in now calmer river water, next to saw mill (presumably). Three logs are winched up while in the background a train pulls the timber load over the bridge.

The three men on horseback climb even higher up the rocky mountain arriving at the summit, above the clouds. Below are the mountain ranges, forests and canyons. Close-up of three men sitting down surveying scene (they are revealed as forest engineers looking for new areas to exploit).

Man in a suit sits on canopy covering logs, while two men steer the raft down the fast flowing river. Overhead shot of river with floating logs. Final shot of river valley. End title - KRAJ.

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