Film: 9940

Personalities | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Donald Campbell is interviewed about several aspects of his car speed attempts. He in effect, advertises K.L.G. spark plugs for the Bluebird car 1960's
Shot in studio. Talks of his crash in Utah when he was unconscious for half an hour. Does his wife support him? He talks of danger of crashing and death. The advantages the Bluebird has brought to everyday life - there are many - the field of structures and materials, the everyday motorcar. He names Smiths Instruments, Dunlop tyres and British Petroleum Fuels and lubricants, Gunning Brakes, and Ferrodo Brake Pads. Talks of other business of insurance. Donald Campbell winks.
What if he fails this time? - Won't answer it. Explains the function of KLG lighter plugs. Talks of the founder of KLG - Kalum Leigh Guinness (an ex-holder of the landspeed record). He quotes President Roosevelt paying a tribute to KLG - 'no other sparking plugs could do the job as well'. Talks of Flying Fortresses using KLG sparking plugs.
Why does he take time and trouble to choose a track? - explains the quality of surface is important. Thinks Lake Eyre in Australia can become the favoured location for speed attempts. Explains Smith's developments. He takes cameras and an electronic recorder which records 18 aspects of a car's performance. Smiths and others have devoted lots of efforts and resources to Campbell's work. The measured mile - the average speed of the two runs is required. What is the reason for a brand name like KLG being given to spark plugs? - Kallum Leigh Guinnes (a friend of his father) was responsible.

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