Film: 995

Sport | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Excellent shots of crowd entering the ground illegally.
Rare shots of Bolton and West Ham teams assembled for the camera.
Rare individual shots of Bolton's David Jack and Joe Smith.
No shots of goals or policeman on white horse.

The negative version 995A may not be an exact copy. (Some additional frames at start and Pathe introduction).
First Cup Final at the newly built Wembley Stadium in 1923 between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United. Film starts with shot of spectators, all male, most in overcoats, some in trilby hats, others in flat caps, climbing over a perimeter fence leading to the concourse outsidethe entrance building to the stadium. The spectators clamber over a wooden fence topped with barbed wire, then up a grass incline to the concourse outside the stadium to join other spectators. Followed by brief shot of male spectators, mostly in flat caps and overcoats, climbing over ornate wall to join spectators on the other side. Shot of dense crowd, all male in headware, looking at camera, possibly queuing to get in. Cut to camera position the other side of the ornate wall, which is in fact the turnstile entrance. A sign on the wall can be seen 'RESERVED SEATS - ENCLOSURE - TICKETS ONLY.' As the packed crowd queue to gain entrance, a number of male spectators can be seen climbing over the wall to gain free admittance. A woman can be seen in the bottom righthand corner looking at the camera. Cut to the other side of the fence where illegal entrants are jumping to the floor from the top of the wall.

Cut to aerial shot over packed stadium, which I believe is taken from an airship. The teeming crowd can be seen having completely covered the playing area. The goalposts can be seen amongst the sea of spectators. Camera shot pans around the whole of the stadium, taking in the twin towers and the open waste land behind the stadium. Groundshot from the pitch amongst a throng of spectators with the goalposts of one goal being seen above the crowd in the background. The male spectators in flat caps look at the camera. Another shot from the perimeter of the pitch shows the packed open terracing at one end. Shot of crowd being cleared off the playing area. 'MASCOTS WERE PLENTIFUL' - 'Pathe Gazette ' appears next. Two male West Ham fans are shown outside the stadium. One holds an enormous home-made hammer, wears a pith helmet swathed in the club colours, and a rosette in his lapel. His colleague wearing a black trilby hat, also sports a rosette. A man's hand waving a rattle appears from one side. A man behind spins the hammer round above the holder's head.

'BUT THE "PATHE' MASCOT" WAS UNIQUE' - appears on screen. A man in a white suit, shirt, and tie, wearing a flat cap appears. He has a large rosette in his lapel. He holds an effigy of a box style camera in striped colours, with an 'UP WEST HAM' sign fixed to the side. Coloured streamers are attached to the stand. The man spins the camera round to show the hole for the lens, then produces a small handle from his pocket, slots it into a hole in the side, and proceeds to turn it. 'PLAY UP HAMMERS' can be seen on the other side of the camera. The man, with moustache and wearing glasses, makes as if he is filming and rotates the camera on the stand. He then removes his glasses and fingers his moustache as he looks at the camera.

Switch to an aerial shot over the stadium and the pitch has now been cleared to the touchlines with the match underway. The densely packed crowd can be seen behind the touchline and goals. The camera pans around the whole of the stadium and spaces can be seen on the back of the running track behind the goals. Shot from the terraces which shows the players in action on the pitch and the packed crowd around the touchline and behind the goal. Cut to a Bolton player in white shirt taking a throw-in in the West Ham half. He throws the ball down the wing but the Hammers' defence clear the ball upfield. Switch to spectators leaving what is probably Wembley Station. Carriages of train can be seen in the background. The spectators set off in the direction of the stadium and look up at the camera as they pass. Mainly males in hats and overcoats, and one woman with her male partner can be seen. Shot of milling crowd on the concourse outside the stadium. A vendor in white coat and hat can be seen selling home-made lemonade. The area is some way in front of the turnstiles and spectators can be seenclambering over the ornate structure that serves as the ticket entrance in the background. Back to match action on the pitch, where the players are waiting for an airborne ball to return to the ground. Shot from left-hand corner flag behind the West Ham goalas the players run back upfield. The density of the crowd can be seen and they have completely blocked the ground entrance to the Royal Box.

Title card shows 'Jack quickly puts Bolton ahead by scoring after 3 minutes play.' The picture then cuts to a head and upper torso shot of the Bolton scorer in his white shirt with arms folded posing for the camera. The Bolton club badge prominent on the left breast of his shirt. This picture is taken either before or after the match, and probably not at Wembley. A serious looking David Jack then proceeds to smile and laughs at the camera. Back to action behind the corner flag of West Ham's goal. A cross from the right wing is converted by one of the Bolton forwards. The referee disallows the goal, probably for offside, and is accosted by the Bolton scorer and a team mate. A West Ham player intercedes and the Hammer's keeper takes the free kick.

Next comes a title card "Well played 'Hammers, better luck next time !" Shot of West Ham team assembled for a team shot for the camera in their claret and blue kit. The lace-up crew neck collars of the shirts can be clearly seen. The shot is probably taken either before or after the game, on West Ham's Upton Park pitch. The serious and shy looking players manage to break into a smile and laugh at the camera. Title card 'The Winning Team.' Shot of the Bolton team assembled for a team shot for the camera. The Bolton captain, Joe Smith, and scorer, David Jack, can be seen seated in front, goalkeeper Dick Pym stands behind. The Bolton players laugh and smile at the camera. The shot is probably taken on their Burnden Park ground pitch, either before or after the match. Title card 'The "Day of Days" for Joe Smith - Bolton's Captain.' Then head and torso shot of a smiling Smith in his Bolton shirt. Bolton won the match 2-0.

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