Film: 9954

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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1) "French Elections" Riot police in Paris near the Sorbonne. Student unrest in streets: night time shot s of buildings on fire. Student leaders at table surrounded by journalists. Paralysed train station, airport and docks. French parliament discussing problems. Street demonstration. Masses marching. CGT banner. Close up and distant shot of demonstrators. De Gaulle speaks. Night time violence: riot police firing tear gas to disperse students. Officials addressing workers. Government meeting. Demonstrators parade down streets - lots of banners. Arrivals and departures of government ministers, including Minister Pompidou.
2) "Techniques" Test generation of 765,000 volts of electricity and testing of equipment research and development laboratory. Development of batteries for electric cars. Street scene with electric car. Batteries in space rocket. Research laboratories: manufacture and testing of materials for electrical batteries. Close up of materials and chemical containers. Development of electric motor.
3)"School of Air Service" Training of pilots. Young men in classroom environment with blackboard detailing mathematical propositions. Radar classroom. Close up of radar screen. Twin propeller plane in flight. Side and above forward views of plane. One propeller stops rotating; then the other. Plane flies unpowered.
4) "The Arts" A hand engraver at work. Crayon on metal. Design of girl and eagle's head. Engraver uses hand tools to cut pattern. metal plates inked by hand with roller. Metal plate (zinco - in trade parlance) placed in printing press, paper placed on top and large metal wheel turned by hand to print. Stills of finished prints (engravings): Girl and Eagle's head, profile of man, other figures.

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