Film: 9955

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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1) "Surfing at Biarritz" Slow motion cinematography of male surfers at Biarritz.
2) "Cote d'Azur III" Fishermen in small boats catching eels. Hold of boat filled with crabs. Hand gathering of (unknown) produce from paddy fields. View of coast from highway. Fleeting shots of historical sites of interest to tourists: tower, Roman bath and amphitheatre. Map of region from Nimes to Perpignian. Helicopter spraying fields to destroy pest. Construction works: trucks, cranes and men pouring concrete. Creation of coastal resort facilities. People sailing and boating (including jousting!). Model of final development of resort.
3) "The Tapestries of the Sun King" Exterior and interior display of tapestries from the reign of Louis XIV (the fourteenth). Drawings illustrating creation of tapestries. Restoration of tapestries using period looms and techniques. Dying of materials. Restored and modern tapestries. Brief scene of actors in period costume.
4) Models in clothes imitating contemporary sculptures of abstract art: metallic, geometric, synthetic. Use of mirrors to show off creations.

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