Film: 9962

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Consumer protection film featuring a young Billy Crystal in spoof adverts and a spoof game show. Also features real commercials and consumers speaking 1970's

Opening shot of child's hand reaching for a box marked "silly putty" in a toy shop. Small boy and girl look in shop window. Inside shop, checkout girl (cashier) rings up $1.00 on the till and takes money from a little black boy - standing with a group around the counter. Young woman applies a moisturiser or cosmetic to her face. Advertisements on TV - glamorous, vampish woman similarly applies cream. Comic advertisement on TV - mad professor type stands in front of a blackboard. TV advert featuring Chip Walker age 14 ( a black boy with huge afro hairstyle) playing with a swingball in a garden. Boy with 1970's fringe looks at a baseball bat in a toy shop. Girl buys lots of chocolate in a supermarket. Very young boy chews on a box of sugar puffs. Cut to TV commercial for Sugar Puffs, featuring animated character who looks like a little pixie. Boy and girl eat Snickers and Milky Way bars in the street. Boy eats cake. Two children eat lollipops. Child in supermarket trolley points to branded cereal. Hand seen picking up cakes from supermarket shelf. Hand takes big bottle of Sprite from shelf. TV ad featuring housewife being transformed into glamorous babe by drinking Sprite. Hand picking up Pop Ice from shelf. Cut to animated cash register on white background. The till roll says "The 6 Billion $$$ sell". Boy walks into room surrounded by TV monitors and control panels. Some of the monitors show images and some test screens. Boy speaks to camera about whether commercials are necessary and if they work.
Intertitle: Selling the Star. (next to animated picture of an American Football player). Man with moustache lifts himself out of a swimming pool. Caption tells us it's Mark Spitz. It is part of an advertisement for a hairdryer with brush attachment. Spitz arranges his hair and a foxy lady strokes his face. Cut back to cynical boy in TV room. Cut to advertisement. Billy Crystal in close up and plain background. A female voice asks him to hurry up from off camera. He puts on geeky spectacles. He takes them off and tells camera that "Women flock to me since I got this full natural look" (pats his hair). Voice makes him jump and he puts glasses back on. He winks at the camera and points a hairdryer at his head. He grins at imaginary applause. Cut back to cynical boy leaning on TV monitor.
Intertitle: Now you see it, now you don't. Close up of boy complaining to camera about Evil Knievel / Evel Knievel toy which consistently fails to jump over the ramp, let alone buses. Pan out to see class full of children. One boy kneels in the centre with the toy in his hand. He winds the toy and releases the mini biker. It smashes into the ramp and falls over. The children laugh. Cut to B/W television advertisement for the same toy. Boy's voice explains how the commercial is a con. (e,g, use of camera angles and many takes etc.) Close up of GI Joe toy in boy's hands. Boy tells of how the toy's string broke, leaving it mute. Close up of first boy talking about how music is used in advertisements. Cut to GI Joe ad where one little plastic figure rescues another. Cut back to know-it-all boy next to TV wall.
Intertitle: NEW NEW NEW
Can of insect spray - says 'New improved' on lid. Fabric softener 'New softer scent'. Lots of packaging, all with the word 'new' on, shown in quick succession. Cut to close up o young girl criticising this style of ad. Cut back to annoying boy in control room.
Intertitle: Word games (animated finger pushes red button).
Cut to mock game shows featuring Billy Crystal in a bow tie and spangly suit. He stands on stage (not seen) and speaks into a microphone. He claims to be called Bob Teeth. Pan out to see aluminium foil-inspired backdrop. He introduces a commercial with the challenge to 'spot the catch'. Model or actress (brunette) wears white and sits in front of a white background. She plays with her hair. She holds up a bottle of shampoo and does an acid test on it with litmus paper. Cut back to Bob Teeth. Cut to man reading a box in a supermarket to a young woman beside him. Cut to his hands holding three boxes of toothpaste. Cut to old couple selecting a washing powder with enzymes which they've seen on TV. They look a bit confused. First man looks puzzled over a bottle of shampoo. She also looks bemused when asked what different packaging statements actually mean.
Intertitle: The Giveaway (next to animated box with a hand and a star appearing out of it).
Cut to Billy Crystal in a brown shirt and kipper tie sitting at a breakfast table. There is a bowl in front of him and a box of cereal next to him saying 'Dynamite - free prize inside'. He pours the cereal to get the toy which is 'dinky'. He looks disappointed. Camera pans out to reveal a large stack of boxes to his right - all real cereal. He begins to tear open the packs to get the toys out. The toy is dinky. He attacks the next box and gives up, looking glum. Cut back to irritating boy.
Intertitle: Promises (appears in the shape of a rainbow),
Cut to an ad featuring lots of wholesome cross country cyclists riding in a field. One mops his brow, Second ad (brief clip) - laughing girl drinks Pepsi. Third ad, David Hasselhoff look-alike eyes up a bikini-clad woman who drinks a fashionable beverage. Group of men on a boat drink beer. Glamorous model advertises lipstick. Cut to annoying boy.
Intertitle: Brand Loyalty (little animated sign appears saying 'vote Brand Y'.
Woman speaks to camera about brand loyalty. Boy (ugly) talks in close up about having faith in a product. Cut to two animated jars - one is branded and costs 69 cents and one is own brand and cheaper. They argue. Own brand gets selected by cartoon shopper. Cut to boy who ssays that brand names don't matter. Cut back to TV room boy. Cut to three boys in a classroom talking about being aware of advertising strategy. Profile of girl talking to a group about commercial tactics. Two other girls in close up. Boys in close up. Discussion in classroom. Cut to two of the kids from the classroom playing a game with string and a ball. Girl eats apple. Boy picks up big bag of Snickers. Girl compares bottles of cola. Family look at cereals. TV's in control room all go blank. End credits.

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