Film: 9963

Geography | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Schools programme showing different cultures across the world. This film concentrates specifically on the mountain region of Japan, the desert region of Pakistan and a Pacific island possibly Samoa 1960's
Panning shot of Hong Kong, Asia. Nairobi, Africa. Caracas, South America. Interior of supermarket, Hong Kong. Young children wearing winter clothes play on a revolving steel framed carousel. Bulls drag a plough through dry and rocky terrain in Africa. Japanese or Chinese man walks down a path wearing a coat made from bamboo. Exterior of a house on stilts in Africa. Food is prepared by an African man. Grass hut. Man with flower garland around his neck walks past the hut. The following is a comparison of the food, clothing and shelter in three environments. Forests and mountains, hot wet tropics, and hot dry deserts. Snow covered hills in mountain region of Japan. Beach in Pacific Ocean with surf bursting upwards towards trees. Unbuilt houses in the hot desert region of Pakistan. Old man in snow covered terrain wears a straw cape and boots designed to keep moisture and snow out. Close up on wide snow shoes. Mountain man removes the top layer of his clothes after entering his house. Domestic environment with his wife is shown. Tropical islands. A man sits semi-naked. Fibres from plants are prepared to make cloth for clothing. Tapa cloth made from the bark of Mulberry trees is prepared. Traditionally dressed woman with brightly coloured garlands and hats parade past the camera. Desert village. Young woman wears clothes to retain body moisture. They show off their brightly coloured garments and embroidery work. Characteristic house design interior and exterior. Mountain regions of China. Characteristic design of homes in the wet tropics using available plant materials. Palm trees. Beams of houses. Raised floor construction. Clay mud house constructed in hot deserts. Comparisons of foods eaten in mountains, deserts and tropics. Northern Japan - A woman prepares a meal. Rice is prepared. Coconuts are plucked from a tree in the wet tropical section of the film. This island possibly Samoa. An islander removes the tough fibres surrounding the Coconut. Cultivation of wild tarrow. Preparation of food. A farmer encourages his reluctant bulls to plough the land, in this African section of the film. A meal is prepared using traditional Pakistani ingredients over a small fire. Montage of shots showing the different ways of life within the individual countries. Excellent shot of back streets in Nairobi.

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