Film: 9967

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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General de Gaulle at the anniversary of UNESCO in Paris, France, Argentine painter, Canadian pianist and soprano practise in a sound proof apartment, French modern art, Two French physicists win a Nobel prize

Exterior of UNESCO headquarters in Paris. De Gaulle shaking hands with cheering supporters. The President of UNESCO gives a speak at the opening ceremonies. De Gaulle makes a speech.
The Cite Des Arts in Paris, exterior. Nicholas Koligourou? A painter from Argentina paints on the floor.
Fifth Flour, on the Isle Sainte Louis. A Canadian piano player plays the piano as a woman in a black dress stands beside him. Close up of hands playing the piano. The woman starts singing. Two painters, a husband and wife, work on their paintings with different brushes, one is from Mexico possibly, the woman is from India or Pakistan. Close up of and oboe players and the reeds of the mouthpiece. A cello player. The saxophone player of the trio. Bassoon player. Modern art sculpture. Large human faces made out of what looks like tree bark. The artist works on a wood carving of a human head. Close up of chiselling. Molinari. He pulls on of the large faces out of the mud and scraps some off but leaves a good covering. A stream of water from a hose washes off more of the dirt. Montmartre. Place du theatre. An outdoor market in France. Outdoor cafes. A picture fair. Outdoor paintings. Festival? Scottish pipers in full regalia. Posh people all dressed up, lots of women with fur on. Fireworks flares. Quai de conti. The French Academy? The physicist that has been elected to the French Academy talks. Drives his car, plays tennis. Drink at a café table. He shows some of his paintings. The Nobel Prize winner, more shy. A visible laser beam. Scientific apparatus.

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