Film: 9971

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Survey of domestic and international events (mainly United States) in 1921, using archive newsreel footage as though surveying the assignments of a British journalist.

Newspaper office. Journalists at their typewriters. A boardroom - perhaps an editorial meeting, and the editor-in-chief. He makes a quick phone call. The ticker tape telegraph. A young, newly-married couple emerge from a church. The man is in uniform - 3 stripes, other men are also in military dress. A middle-aged couple, also newly married. A father arm-in-arm with his daughter on her wedding day, four bridesmaids in tow, in a garden.
A village fancy dress parade, carnival or pageant. A hunt. Hounds and guns on a badger hunt.
Young people posing to have their photograph taken in a picturesque sylvan scene. A group prepare for photographs, men in suits, some wearing hats, the ladies in dresses and bonnets.
A newspaper typesetting room - men having their time cards punched.
King George V in uniform, inspecting a guard of troops. With Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra, unveiling a monument or memorial to King Edward VII. One woman (or queen) holds a parasol. The equestrian memorial covered in a Union Jack flag. Lloyd George pulls the cord to unveil the statue.
Eton regatta at Henley. Boats on the river, one with a royal ensign. Crowds, men in boaters. Lords. Young men or schoolboys in morning coats and top hats and canes and women with hats and flowers.
Venice. The Rialto Bridge - a festival of some sort -probably the Biennale. A yacht or schooner in full sail.
Lloyd George, Monsieur Brion and Marshal Foch at Chequers, strolling through on the terrace in winter coats. The French have canes, the Marshall is in uniform. All wear hats. Meeting to discuss war reparations after World War One.
German delegation disembark. Battleship firing guns. Sinking U boat. British army officers on manoeuvres in Germany.
Germany (almost certainly Berlin). Crowds of people. Hindenberg getting into open-topped car in top hat.
Chequers. Lloyd George smoking, Brion and Foche sitting in garden furniture. German delegation disembarking.
By-election, unknown locality. Men operating hand winch, tractor and pulley extracting tree stumps. Explosions in forest. House under construction. Mayor opening new house. Sign " Buy Southgate Housing Bonds " before a table with a tombola. Men take piece of paper - some sort of raffle which allocates the council houses.
Large coal mine. Sailors walking into work. Part of initiative to maintain production during the National Strike. Sailors shovelling coal into burners. Sailors digging slag heap. Miners using a bucket and winch. Surface mining.
London: Horse-drawn omnibuses on a rainy day. Large crowd, men and boys, in caps. A large sign "Site for War Seal Mansions".
Man with walking billboard "Cup Final - wear your colours. Free!". Men gather round and receive button-hole. One of those machines for sending messages up tubes within a building. Close up of Bonar Law, politician, Ramsay McDonald, George Lansbury at an open air meeting. Winston Churchill in great coat, without hat. Sir James Barry at an opening. Cuts ribbon. Someone leads a round of three cheers to thanks him. Sir Ernest Shackleton before voyage to Antarctic on boat on the Thames. Ross and Keith Smith. Air pioneers - held aloft amidst cheering crowd at factory where aircraft had been built. They autograph a book for one of the workers.
Two little children (one Betty Knuckle) standing in front of a ???
Prince of Wales stepping out of a car. Large crowds. Inspects a line of ex-soldiers, each with a clutch of medals on his chest.
Close up of telegram or telegraph typewriter.
Ulster. Parade day. Bunting and flags stretch from one side of the street to the other, the pavements busy, the pavements busy, the road quiet.
Soldiers stand to attention for the Viceroy of Ireland. Sir Edward Carson passes through a welcoming throng of people; he gives a speech.
Southern Ireland. A racecourse track. Spectators. Horses gallop past. There are carriages and traps. Soldiers much in evidence. Track bookmakers.
Soldiers in the streets. Policeman talks to local woman, two standing on guard. "Tin Hats" waiting for roast chestnuts (?). Burnt out cottage.
A detachment of Black and Tans on parade. A civilian inspects them. Black and tans on firing range, target practice with revolvers: stationary and then firing on walking. Training with dogs - Irish setters. A motorised truck. Black and Tans seated in the open back. Prison camp - prisoners parade outside their rows of huts. Crowds at the beach, the serpentine, on the Thames, enjoying the heat - in the water, on boats.
A class sits in the sea, with their books whilst their teacher gives them a lesson. Trafalgar Square, quite empty except for a man with a handkerchief on his head. Fireman directing hoses at burning hayricks.
Eclipse ‘observed’ by its shadow on a card placed behind a telescope. Billboard "See Eclipse" People observe eclipse through piece of darkened film. Fireworks let off in the park - rockets - to cause "rain" - during a drought. Seaside parade.. Washed out, torrential rain, nothing to be seen but umbrellas. Man painting "R38" on the side of the R38 airship under construction in a great shed. Workers attaching the canvas to the frame. Scaffolding towers. R38 emerges from hangar. Taking off. The wreckage of the R38 in the water. The R38 crew pose for a photograph.
Ship. On board, waving to the crowds, the French boxer Papoute.
Earl Beattie. Lady Asquith
America: New York. Woman police officer directs traffic and people. Children enjoying open air shower. A golfer - the U.S. President Harding.
President Woodrow Wilson’s coffin carried to the hearse. His widow, hidden in black, gets into another car.
Roosevelt at a sanatorium, playing water volley-ball with girls. John D Rockefeller leaving his house. Henry Ford and his wife in a very simple car. Thomas Edison, sitting at a table with a simple signaller (like a Morse code machine)) tapping out a message .
Earl Haig being presented with an Indian head-dress, and wearing it. Enrico Caruso posing for photographs. Douglas Fairbanks, Bill Rodger and Tom Mix.
Max Sennett’s bathing belles, playing baseball on the beach. Flirting with players and dancing round them.
Washington: naval Conference, 1921. Large fitted conference room. Warships in dock and at sea (with an airship flying overhead). A warship exploding and sinking.
Aerial view of Dempsey versus Duponte Boxing match. Printing presses rolling. German rotor ship passes beneath the Forth Bridge. Primitive helicopters on the ground at a test centre. Various models of helicopter attempting to fly, with little success. Overturned Italian warship refloated. French car, driver by a propeller. Fat men crowd on to French bus. A Parisian climbs the steps of Montmartre with his coat on his back. Man jumps off Seine bridge with canoe on head.
Papers emerging from the printing presses. A "The Times" board visible.
Eamon de Valera arrives at Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister. Leaves in open car, crowd wildly excited. Papers loaded onto a truck.
Crown Prince of Japan (heir to the throne) walks across Forth Bridge. Military welcome.. Warship steaming away from bridge. Prince at Edinburgh Castle. Looks in mouth of huge cannon (Mons Meg ?)

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