Film: 9972

Personalities | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Rushes from a ceremony welcoming The Duke of Edinburgh into a Lodge of the Grand Order of Water Rats , made up primarily of variety performers . Scenes and after - dinner speeches .
Crowd of anonymous suited men gathered in grand room with large windows . They applaud as a young Prince Philip enters . He smiles , Ted Ray stands next to him. Camera flashes go off . A man makes a brief speech or announcement ( unclear ) and they all sit . Quick cut to grand poo - bah type in a mayoral sash -King Rat Arthur Scott. He stands at a long dining table . Phil sits next to him . Official introduces The Duke of Edinburgh and the assembled men at smaller tables applaud. Prince Philip folds his arms and does not look at all gracious. Man in sash calls upon the First Companion of the Order , The Right Honourable Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough , " known to us affectionately as AV " to propose the Duke of Edinburgh as the new Companion. Camera pans across to the end of the table where AV stands . He is a balding grey man in spectacles and his scarf is not as elaborate as the first speaker's . ( His speech is very quiet and difficult to make out - at least it's brief ) .
First speaker - King Rat ? - talks some more about what an honour it is etc. Jarring out to Prince Philip , standing and receiving applause . He now wears a boy's club scarf . All men stand . Main speaker passes microphone on stand to Duke of Edinburgh . Speaker cracks a sycophantic joke about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes . Prince Philip looks confused , unsure if he's to sit or give a speech . Quick cut to speaker fixing a badge to H.R.H.'s lapel . Microphone passed to Tommy Trinder , who has a cheque to present to the Duke . Tommy wears a v-shaped collar. Tommy makes a witty and self - deprecating speech - medium close up . Cut to Duke of Edinburgh , smirking . End of speech missing - cut to Prince Philip standing up to more applause . He remains standing and the rest of the men take their seats . There are three large microphones in front of him . He addresses the Rats slightly superciliously ( to be fair it's probably difficult to call someone "King Rat" with a straight face though ) . He gets a few laughs . Cut away from end of speech . Ted Ray holds up a book . Duke of Edinburgh is seated next to him , playing with a teddy bear . Ted (as MC) presents the book ( a catalogue of actors and performers ) to H.R.H. Arthur Scott hangs a medalt around Prince Philip's neck . The Duke remains seated . Ted Ray also receives a medal - like a big egg on a chain . Prince Philip has a coughing fit - quick cut away . Uniformed waiter ( different to above ) announces Duke of Edinburgh "new companion" . Philip stands . He reads from a prepared speech . Only first few sentences heard before cut away to Tommy Trinder presenting the cheque . (N.B. these are rushes so the edits could well be and probably are in the wrong order ) . King Rat presents Prince Philip with his collar . Different companion rat makes a speech . Duke chews his finger . Cut back to the middle of Prince Philip's speech . He begins to talk about the cheque . Cut to Tommy Trinder being applauded . Jack Hylton and Bud Flanagan also come to the microphone. Confusing montage of shots from the various speeches , Trinder , King rat. Ted Ray with book he gives speech calling television 'a monster'. Long sequence from Prince Philip and Trinder . Applause . Close up of Duke of Edinburgh . Pan around tables - brief . End.

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