Film: 9976

Media | 1950 | Mute | B/W


Interesting film showing the development of the South Bank, in particular the early days of the National Film Theatre by the Thames River in London, England. See also for images of pre Queen Elizabeth Hall. Also good for exterior of Waterloo Station 1950's

Opening sequence: Italian looking man reads into a microphone in a soundproofed radio booth. A large Smiths clock reads 7.15pm. Exterior of Bush House in London. We follow our narrator through city streets. View of the Thames and South Bank from a train. Partially obscured views of Royal Festival hall. Could be Queen Elizabeth Hall or spaces which existed prior to their building. Also good views of the National Film Theatre. Exterior of Waterloo Station. Our narrator runs across the road quickly. A large television mast. Exterior of National Film Theatre with Telecinema. Billboard sign with national Film Theatre Southbank presenting the Screen History of the Cinema. Our narrator arrives at the National Film Theatre Telecinema entrance where a queue has formed. Our narrator starts an argument with the friend he has meets. View of children's legs under school tables. Camera pans up as they start writing. Bespectacled teacher has written : Film Appreciation - A scenario 'The Picnic'. A young boy reads a magazine entitled The Pistol Empire which was hidden under his school jotter. His teacher pulls out a hidden copy of Critics Choice. Close up on the face of a young woman who wears a BEA (British European Airways) uniform. She answers the telephone. Various shots of the staff at Waterloo Air Terminal. Close up on the British Film Institute, The National Film Theatre membership prospectus. A typist writes out an inter-office memo. Behind it we can see programme notes for a series of Russian films entitles "The Silent Film in Russia." Close up of Sight and Sound Magazine. A woman hurriedly puts her hat on and leaves her very 1930's semi-detached home. Our female friend arrives outside the National Film Theatre entrance. Panning shot up River Thames. Routemaster bus passing over Blackfriars Bridge. A man disappears down a manhole under the bridge. Building development and scaffolding under the bridge with St Paul's cathedral visible in the background. Panning shot of girders on the roof. Sign for New National Film Theatre, under the direction of the L.C.C. Architects department for the British Film Institute. Capsules, possibly containing film, are buried under concrete. Wheelbarrows bring concrete, which is quickly laid, to the building site. General shots of foundations being laid by workmen. Sparks fly from welding equipment. Welder's mask. Panning shot of interior of National Film Theatre Cinema One. Unidentified speaker makes speech (at opening of cinema?) Traffic on Blackfriars Bridge. Close up of manhole cover. Model and architect drawings of National Film Theatre. One close up of two cocktail glasses. In the background, a barman shakes his aluminium cocktail shaker. A projectionist examines some film by hand. Plan of new National Film Theatre doubling as a fundraising attraction. A woman deposits some money behind the transparent perspex screen housing the detailed plans.

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