Film: 9977

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Speeded up film of cyclists whizzing around a series of large concrete pillars painted white. The cyclists negotiate a series of white discs to practise their turning skills. End of this introductory section. Panning shot of cyclists at normal speed descending down a hill. Ostensibly a film about how to be a successful road user while cycling. Good shot of a girl riding a black and red chopper. A group of six boys are about to sit their Cycle Proficency Test. Bikes are checked for size and road worthiness. Close-up of the tutor or teacher identifying a slack chain. Old fashioned purple van registration : NVH 553H made by BMG rushes towards the camera.
Shot of busy London street with Red Bus, no Routemaster. Close -up of young girls foot placed on a peddle to demonstrate the need to use the ball of the foot not the instep. Two of the small boys wear Parkas. The children negotiate colored rings placed on the playground concrete. They practise giving signals prior to joining the traffic on a busy road. Wet and busy streets. Car indicators shown in close-up. Various hand signals are practised. Close - up of traffic lights moving from red to green. Children practise their brake control under close supervision and instruction. Second brief sequence of Chopper bike. Give Way markings at road junction. Children are given their Cycle Proficency Certificates. A useful and informative film with good general images of the 1970s, cars and streets.

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