Film: 9978

Road Transport | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Short film showing how the Priority Network for buses works in Swansea, South Wales, to improve bus services and traffic congestion. Very good shots of contemporary buses on the move through a built up area and good scene of everyday Swansea life.

Two men walk around a calm bay, trees in background. View of The Mumbles, "one of the beauty spots of West Glamorgan", Wales. Small sail boats in harbour or bay, pier in the background. Two small yachts or sail boats alone on wide stretch of water in bay, land in the background. A water skier is pulled by a speed boat through the harbour. View of the cliff from the city of Swansea, coastline in background. Narration gives brief information on Swansea. Close up of buildings, roads and pedestrians taken from a high angle. Close up of a crossroad junction and busy road full of rush hour traffic. Busy shopping street full of pedestrians walking on pavement. Cars and other vehicles driving round a wide round-about. Good view of Swansea harbour from cliff. Various scene of traffic; close up of car wheels, buses and traffic jams. Focus on red public buses. Close up of the front of one bus with "This bus will make you smile" written underneath the windscreen. Title in bold green uppercase letters comes up: Bus Signals Go. Freeze frame. Narrator gives information on bus statistics and how the local government plan to improve them and traffic congestion. Many scenes of buses travelling down busy roads; buses stuck in traffic or at traffic lights. View of shopping street taken from the top of a bus. Shots of bus driving down different city streets, illustrating new traffic light systems that turn green as bus approaches. Close up of equipment (Transponder) that enables this to happen; a black box attached underneath the bus. Workman or technician adjusts the road side controller - a grey box on the pavement. Focus on controller to see it in operation as the bus passes, lights flash. Bus driving through bus garage to check if transponder is working. Close up of simple (main streets only) blue and white map of the city of Swansea to show bus routes and where the controllers are situated. Following a typical bus through a typical route to show how new traffic system operates. Good daytime shots of Swansea city streets. Two red buses stand outside the Quandrant Centre bus station. Close up of T-junction in city centre to illustrate the new priority system. 'Woolworths' store in the background. More shots of city streets including Oxford Street, Main Street and Caer Street. Close up of traffic lights turning from red to green. Buses travelling through streets. Very good scene of everyday life in Swansea's city streets in the 1980s. Bus passing residential streets. Pedestrian cross the road at a crossing of a busy road. More shots of buses on the move through the town

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