Film: 9979

Transport General | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Brooklands - aircraft and motor racing. Amateur home movie.

Old fashioned plane circa 1930's 00-A11 insignia on side of grass covered airport. Various planes including G-AAXA plane on display. G-A ASW truck plane part of the Brooklands School of Flying Limited. G-ABAO is started up. Several sequences of the plane being flown above Brooklands. Several shots of G-A AHA above race track surrounding countryside. Brief shot of YX 8461 motor car. Royal Air Force spotter plane landing. Plane flying upside down; (G-A BMA) and performing loop the loops. Airship flying over dense forest and Brooklands air track. Graf Zeppelin airship. Various shots of the Zeppelin over countryside near Brooklands. Various shots taken from Zeppelin. Long shot of twin blade helicopter. Brooklands race track. 1930s Sports and racing cars rush past giant Vickers Ltd Brooklands sign and around a corner. Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird passes by a line of expensive cars. Women wear distinctive hats and fur coats. They watch as the car speeds around the circuit. Large and small cars compete with each other to negotiate the twists and turns of the race track. Bluebird coasts into the pits. Clear shot of Campbell and the car. Shaky footage of racing car speeding around Brooklands. Montage of shots of cars hurtling around race track including the Bluebird. Brief shot of very early model of motor car. Racing footage of Brooklands taken from speeding car. Bugatti type registration number KS 3083 approaches the camera slowly. Shaky camera movements as car hurtles around race track. Rather confused and blurred sequence of shots around Brooklands. Banner advertising hoarding for 'The Autocar' Miscellaneous line of 1930s sports cars make their way around the Brooklands circuit at high speed. A train goes past in the background. Brief shot of Bluebird again at full throttle. Brief footage of what looks like cars from an earlier period than the 1930s. Car reg ; PH 9397 leaves the pits. Blurred sequence. A near accident is narrowly avoided. Two men dive into a portable swimming pool. A man washes himself outside his tent on a sunny day. Excellent coverage of early motor racing at Brooklands. See for the Graf Zeppelin and Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird.

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