Film: 9987

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The National Grid. How Electricity Is Generated and transmitted.

Good lengthy shot of a electric train passing left to right. Power lines and pylons, power stations, including brief shot of bankside by the Thames. Power station, turbine hall, 11,000 volts is generated to the transformers. Electrical sub station. Transformers. Diagrams showing how the transformers work. Inducing. Step up transformers. Diagrams to show how things worked before the National Grid. In 1926, the national grid started to link the power stations that were currently just operating locally.
Saddle tank coal steam engines. The coal fields stared to have power stations next to them. The Super Grid.
The central Control room for London's electricity. Thames south control room.
They use wheather forecast to calculate expected demand. Man uses a teleprinter machine.
Man shaving, woman cooking, tube train,
Plans for a European wide super grid.

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