Film: 9991

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Sarawak Rubber Malaysia 1950's
Sarawak, an island off Borneo. Aerials of jungle. Local village life. Modern Borneo, streets, schools, hospitals. Farming old and new. Rubber plantations. Man collects latex from a pot on a tree. Clearing land. Young newly planted rubber trees. An example of a bad plantation. Rubber Planting Officers prepare to visit rubber farms. Show farmers how to do it properly. Methods of improving productivity. Using cover crops. Oiling leaves. Pruning. Manuring. Diseases. Other crops, bananas, pineapples, fish ponds. Trees ready for tapping. Man cuts section of tree trunk and liquid latex starts to flow. Little boys watch. Sheet rubber, processing plant on the farm, turning the liquid into sheet rubber. Drying the sheets. Farmer sets off on his bicycle to sell the sheets. He returns to the farm after spending his money. A rowing race. A woman rubber tapper at work on a tree with a baby on her back.

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