Film: 9994

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Clark Equipment Company shows off its latest fork lift trucks

"These is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo followed by close of container labeled "clark mobilvan system", on a moving fork lift truck. Two same size containers placed on back of a lorry, lowered onto a latches of locked. Next scene container being lowered out of an aircraft hold over the load container. Into the container carrier. Tall vehicle on pneumatic wheels with the cab above the space for the container. The container height can be adjusted so that the load can be placed on target. The carrier is wide and high enough to drive over the plattform of a waiting truck.
Fork lift placing container on the back of rail carrier (flat car). Close-up of deck installation that ensures that containers can be locked into position (wedges brought out of recess's) Close-up of anchoring gear on permanent use container car. Demonstration of fork lift unloading container for trailer. Close-up of global lock automatic latching mechanism on the back of vans chassis. Demonstration how mechanism is locked or disengaged lorry on motorway. At destination over the load carrier removing container from parked lorry and placing a smaller truck. Demonstration of mobil flat containers loaded with goods being moved in a waterhouse. Pictures (…) uses of mobilvan system. Closing shot container with "Clark Equipment Company, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA". Superimposed extended advert to demonstrate the advantages of using mobilvan system. Namely -economies and efficiency in height interchang of containerized goods.

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