Film: 9997

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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This film is a promotional film done by The DeVry Technical Institute, Chicago, U.S.A.
It contains a short cartoon film describing some technological advances. The film also contains one of the early developed robots (an automatic tractor) used for transportation within a factory. A short animation film describes automation. Some nice predictions for inventions of the future.

A young woman is having a violin lesson, she is playing very badly, her teacher puts his hands over his ears. A young boy is inspecting the back of an open radio, he attempts to fix it but is unsuccessful. A boy is playing with a small aeroplane, he throws the aeroplane in the air. The small model aeroplane is flying in the air, then it crashes to the ground. Close up of the model aeroplane on the ground. The boy picks the aeroplane up and inspects it for faults. Two boys are having a boxing lesson. A young American man is reading a book in a typical 1950's living room. Close up of the young American man, he looks thoughtful. The young American man is dreaming of becoming an army general, he is sitting at a table lit with only one candle and is talking to a soldier who is standing to attention. The young American boy is now dreaming of becoming a lawyer, he is dressed in a dark suit and he is addressing the jury. The young American boy is day dreaming while holding a book. A cartoon film follows: A cave man is lying next to a rock, he is daydreaming or thinking, three cave men are trying to move a large rock. A wheel appears in the hand of the thinking cave man, the three cave men now are able to transport the large rock by using two wheels. A kettle shaped as a teapot is warming on the fire, it has steam coming out. Drawing of a steam train. Drawing of black people working in a cotton mill. Close up of part of a drawing showing cotton being sorted manually. End of cartoon film. A man is ploughing a field with a horse. A man is driving a tractor in a field. A man is wearing a black bow tie is driving a buggy. A turn of the century automobile or car. An oil lamp illuminates an open book. a 1950's woman switches on an electric lamp. A man operates a metal turner. An automatic machine, possibly a metal turner. A man and a boy are bowling. Close up of ten pin bowling. A man and a boy load the back of a 1950's car ( may be a Ford). An electrical engineering lecture at the DeVry Technical Institute. Close up of the lecturer at the DeVry Technical Institute. Close up of precision built equipment used to measure wave guide performance in radar gear (microwave ?). A man is operating this equipment. A cookery programme is being filmed for the KEYD Television, there are two cameramen operating T.V. cameras while one woman is cooking in a T.V. kitchen set. Audio and T.V. equipment is being repaired by a technician. An aeroplane control system is repaired by a technician. A navy radar. Close up of an electronic control panel. Electronic equipment is operated by a trained technician. A 1950's electronic computer is operated by a single man. Close up of part of the IBM computer. Close up of an electronic engineer operating control panels. Close up of an electronic control panel, possibly of a computer. The DeVry Technical Institute lecturer gives a lecture on "What is Automation", he points to the blackboard behind him which contains a flow diagram describing what is automation. The lecturer talks to the audience. A woman dressed as a 19 century washer woman is washing clothes using a wash board in a zinc tub. Close up of the woman scrubbing the clothes. A 1940's manual washing machine. A woman loads a 1950's automatic washing machine. Close up of the automatic washing machine being turned on. The automatic washing machine is loaded again. Close up of the automatic washing machine being turned on. The DeVry Technical Institute lecturer is talking to a audience. He picks up a central heating control device (thermostat). Animation describing how the central heating thermostat operates. Close up of the lecturer holding the thermostat. Close up of the lecturer talking to the audience. Animation describing an automation process. An automata (robot) in operation: it is an electronically controlled tractor tat moves on its own carrying boxes etc. Close up of the front of the automatic tractor (robot) which shows that it moves on its own. Another view of the automatic tractor in operation. The automatic tractor has reached its destination, it stops at the yellow line, flashes a light and beeps. Another close up the automatic tractor moving without a driver, it clearly follows a path between two yellow lines which are wires. Another view showing the automatic tractor moving along its path. Close up of the automatic tractor's switch. Close up of the inside of the switch, radio waves are picked up by a device inside the switch which allows the tractor to follow a path. Close up of the electronic apparatus situated under the tractor's platform, this is where the radio waves are converted into voltage enabling the robot to move and steer along the path. Close up of the robot steering along the path. View of the "Clevite Research Center". A man walks into this centre. Close up of a magnetic tape and of a punctured tape. View showing how these tapes work inside an automatic mechanism or machine. Another view of the automatic mechanism. Close up of film which is used to control riveting machines. Close up of a riveting machine punching holes in a metal plate. Close up of the riveting process. View of a technician bending over the machine's computer controls. Close up of a technician adjusting the machine's computer. View of the technicians and of the riveting machine. A technician adjusts dials on the riveting machine. Close up showing the speed of rotation of the riveting machine. A super sonic American airforce aeroplane (FC 791). View of a computer linked to an industrial machine. Close up of the programming plans of a machining job. Close up of a man operating an electronic computer. View of a typist transferring the computer data onto paper tape. Close up of the punctured paper tape. A man is transferring the tape to a "safe reader" which was called the "numericord". The paper tape is transferred to magnetic tape, the man removes the magnetic tape and hands it to another man who threads it onto the control panel of the machine. The machine is cutting automatically. Two men remove the cut metal which is a kitchen sink. Close up of the magnetic tape being thread onto the control panel. A man operates the control panel. View of the machine cutting metal. Another view of the computer linked to a metal cutting machine. View of the American FC 791 supersonic aeroplane in the air. A 1950's idea of supermarket shopping in the future: A woman carries a cylinder metal structure called a key, she inserts it into a hole (lock) in front of the groceries she wants, she does her selection by clicking on buttons. Close up of the metal cylinder being inserted into the lock. Close up of the buttons used to choose the products (similar to today's vending machines). Close up of the electronic mechanism used to select the products. When the woman finishes her selection she removes the metal cylinder and carries it to the checkout point. The checkout lady inserts the key into a "checkout lock" and it automatically pulls out the bill and also automatically ejects the products selected onto a convey belt, that is, all the shopping is transferred in 15 seconds to a bag. A Great prediction of how we might do the shopping in the future. Close up of the bill being processed electronically. A large office computer ( IBM 705 ), two men are operating it. Close up of the IBM computer which is being used by a man. Close up of the magnetic tapes. Close up of the IBM computer's magnetic drums. Close up of the line printer. View of a man operating or fixing the electronic circuits of the computer. Animation describing the uses of automation in industry. Cartoon of a caveman holding a wheel while three cavemen transport a large rock with the aid of wheels. Animation describing a self sufficient machine. The self sufficient machine brakes down and a man pops his head round it, more men pop all over the machine. Close up of the American boy daydreaming in his living room. Students at the De Vry Institute in an electronics lecture, they are working with an analogue computer. Close up of the analogue computer. A student collects a computer printout, it is the plot of the flight path of a missile, another student comes to examine it. A view of analysers and scales used by more students at the De Vry Institute. A radar gear is used by the students. More views of radar equipment similar to those used on ships and aviation flight controls. The American young man is reading a technical book issued by the De Vry Institute. The young American man is using a home cinema projector to view a film. A young man is gaining practical experience in electronics. View of the front door of the De Vry Technical Institute. Students walk out of the Institute. A technician is operating an electronic computer. He carries the tape to the tape reading panel. Close up of the tape being inserted into the reading panel. A dial is pressed. Dials flash on and off. A machine is automatically operated. A 1950's aviation aeroplane. The American boy is dreaming of joining the film industry (view of a film set). View of a recording studio, either sound or film or both sound and film studio. A radar is used by a navy officer. Close up of the radar. The inside of a power plant control room, two men are working. A cattle feed system is switched on. A cow is next to the feeding system. Close up of a food packaging plant or factory, packaged food is automatically put on a conveyor belt. A man waits for an elevator, doors open, he walks into the elevator. View of the closing elevator doors. The elevator's electronic control mechanisms are shown. A technician is checking the elevator's electronic mechanisms. Close up of a cooker. A woman places a tray of meat in the oven (may be a microwave oven). Animation showing a house's interior, a futuristic car and the solar system with a spaceship shooting through space.

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